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Beyond the medals, new records and images of spectacular triumph, the 2016 Rio Olympics this year has also left us with some of the most memorable and shared viral materials to date. Social media, truly, is an essential tool for live events. Through this platform, we can comment, post, share photos and videos and in totality, convert all that content into a viral result. We will discuss some of the viral highlights of the Olympics and its ranking in social media.

From the hands of protagonists in the networks or by the work of followers, countless images day by day of the games in Brazil were featured, generating a viral effect that circulated to every corner of the world.


According to official data, Twitter gets the bronze medal, though its 75 billion imprints does instill further respect. In earning a total of 187 million tweets in relation to the event, the social network thus stands tall in its third placing.

The silver medal, on the other hand, is presented to Instagram. With a total of 916 million registered publications, it gains its second placing. An interesting face is that all that volume was produced by a mere 131 million users.

And of course, the gold medal is awarded to Facebook, who prides in its total of 1,500 million interactions. In this case, there were 277 million users who contributed their own material.

Some of the curiosities that have been part of the Olympic Games include:

  • The most mentioned athletes in Twitter: Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, and Neymar (in said order).
  • As expected, the country with the most generated interactions is Brazil. 
  • The sports with the most registered Tweets: Swimming, Football/Soccer, Athletics (in said order). 


What were the Virals?

  • Surely this has been the most talked about image of the #Rio2016 Olympics in which two realities of the world which we live in is portrayed. Cultural differences between the East and West are captured in a single frame. In the 2012 London Games, the standard rules that conform uniforms were changed, allowing long-sleeved uniforms to be adorned. The image even went as far to trigger debates in social networks.

JJOO volley


  •  The photograph of Lee Eun-ju of south Korea, and Hong Un-jong of North Korea during a break from their training, was perceived as an example of true sportsmanship that promotes the nature of the Olympics. This image signifies the union between the two Koreas, and at end to have taken with them the gold of diplomacy in the name of Olympic spirit.

Dos Coreas


  • The distressed anguish of the parents of gymnast Aly Raisman that went viral on Twitter. Have you witnessed it? It is not something to be missed!


  • Thanks to the strength of mothers and the tribute to them, ¨Strong¨ by Procter & Gamble (P&G), stands as the most viral from 100 days prior the commencement of the Olympics. It managed to pull heartstrings of the audiences, especially that of mothers with a ¨THANK YOU MOM¨.
    Only someone strong can raise someone strong..


Which was your favorite viral?

Certainly the next #Tokyo2020 Olympics will pique even more virals, and we intend to support our athletes again!


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