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I’m going on vacation! This is one of the phrases we more like to say throughout the year, but … did you know that it’s negative if we publish everything we do in our social networks?

80% of the thieves decide to consult victim’s social media profiles before starting the robbery, surprising right? We never realize the amount of information we give away on internet about our hobbies, jobs, studies, Friends or children, but what it’s important now is that we don’t care about showing where we are, what we are doing and with whom. In this article I will focus on talking about Instagram, but the message remains the same for all. Although it may seems very strange, there are people who are dedicated to keep track and monitor everything the intended victim post on Instagram. If the victim is far away, the thieves will take advantage of it.

The web puts us on alert of the risks of sharing information and photographs on Internet on holidays.

Its authors, Wattio Company, specialized in intelligent home systems, intended, using humor, to show how important is to take care of this. If you type the address on google and look at their website you can see four tips they give us in order to avoid a robbery. Pay attention!

1. Be exclusive: Instacacos recommend us to turn private the account. Only our Friends could see our post.

2. Deferred Postureo: All of us have done it, it’s to post a photo when you’re not in that place anymore and you want to show or remember it.  The most used hashtags are #QuieroVolver or #MissYou. People will die of envy, but Instacacos will have lost the opportunity to find an empty house.
3. Be uncool it’s cool: It’s said that if you’re having fun you don’t have time to post any photo, it creates an expectation among your followers. Do you agree?
4. It is better to be alone than in bad company. If you control all the previous points, be careful with your company. If he/she is like Kim Kardashian, who share everything, take care he/she doesn’t tag you ¡and don’t like it!


*This thieves alert you about the risks of showing your holidays on social media.


Great example of a bad postureo

You know! If you’re on vacation and you post every mojito, be careful with postureo if you dont want a big scare later 🙂

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