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Have you ever feel tired of the trash talk of someone and you say the first stupid thing that comes to your mind? Do you think you are talking about something you know at all and you notice you’re looking foolish? It sometimes also it happens to celebrities, in fact more than we think.

The first question that comes to your mind when we screw up is “I have heard/read by someone?” and consequently, if we had a little delicacy of leaving written on a social network, we must delete it. Well dear friend, as you know, on the Internet all lasts. Even if erasing the ‘lucky’ tweet or the post on Facebook has taken you as quick as a wink, there will always be someone who has made a screenshot with the glorious moment.

This is the case of some public figures that I show below:

1. El Corte Inglés

There are those who despite his many followers and the panic mode, they think that is better to fix the crap to follow the game themselves. Good play?

el corte ingles

2. Charlie Sheen give us his phone number

Well, the actor made ​​a little mess trying to send a private message to Justin Bieber and his 5.5 million followers seized the opportunity to save on their phones their idol´s number. Sheen went on to receive 1,800 messages within minutes and his mobile was out of service.

charlie seen telefono

3. David Bisbal, the turist

David Bisbal was not too successful with this tweet prompting a wave of jokes with the hashtag #turismobisbal that left no one indifferent becoming #TT. Bisbal withdrew the publication but that did not stop following him devoting tweets like this :

“I come to see the Sistine Chapel. To be a ninja turtle, Michelangelo was a great painter”


4. Kanye West and the piracy

This multitasking artist made ​​the mistake of posting a screenshot of his computer. But fans and not so fans are always lurking and West didn´t notice that. They inquired as an eagle on the tabs he had open in his browser and found this: Kanye West uses Pirate Bay. Oh Kanye, then don´t complain about piracy!

kanye west pirate

5. Elena Valenciano and her love for Ribery

The PSOE´s policy, Elena Valenciano, doesn´t worry about her statements writing about someone. Is time to the Bayern Munich football player, Franck Ribery. It is not gorgeous but … there´s no need to be cruel.


6. Ferrer, the subtle one

Some famous brands want to advertise their products covertly. This is not the case of Ferrer, who left with the ass in the air to Samsung launching the post from an iPhone.


7. Kanye West y su gran Ego

Parece que le ha cogido el gustillo a eso de publicar y despublicar. En este caso, el cantante, rapero, productor… se notaba falto de abuela y decidió tuitear lo siguiente: “Podrías tener talento, pero no eres Kanye West”. Lo que está claro es que el marido de Kim Kardashian no es nada creído.

kanye west 8. Paula Vázquez (we won´t make the blonde´s joke)

The famous presenter screw up like Charlie Sheen, publishing her mobile number on Twitter. In summary:



9. Ana Rosa Quintana the turist (Vol.2)

The journalist didn´t hesitate to review the life and customs of Finns in this way so… clear. She likes more Marbella.


10. Last, but not the worst, Sergio Ramos, who congratulated the new year with the Messi´s son picture.

The footballer could not begin 2016 better as he put a picture on a collage appearing Messi’s son instead of his. We wonder how the Argentinian could react to this.


And remember, everything is on the Internet even if you erase so be careful what you publish!!

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