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Time is drawing closer towards August 5th, which dates the much awaited kick-off of the spectacular XXXI Olympic Games Rio 2016. A pivotal and even life-changing moment for athletes…and for brands. After all, the Olympics starkly represents a good opportunity for them to identify and be immersed within themes like Fellowship, Sportsmanship and Friendship. And additionally, to shed light towards their talent and strive to a world in constant watch of every spectated move like a hawk.

This leads to what we may rightfully term ¨The Olympic Games Marketing¨. In fact, it has been bellowing its roar a long time since. ¨It may seem a tad premature, but generally, noise is ideally sparked about 100 days before the start of the event¨ says Basia Wojcik, of The Marketing Arm.

And there is no time to be lost for the pre-countdown too. Brazil, the host country, and brands/trademarks are primarily interested of this occurrence. The Reason: To capitalize more than US$15,000 million, which according to FORBES to be the cost to organize the event, and nearly US$1000 million for the cost to be the official sponsor/s (such as Coca-Cola, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Samsung and Visa).


Social Networks – The Great Battlefield

If athletes are to thrust their souls into their physical terrains, so would companies just as extensively in the social networking realm. Despite imposed limitations from the IOC (prohibition use of video streaming for commercial purposes once the competition initiates), social networks are still prized as ultimate battlegrounds for brands.

Facebook now exceeds 1,700 million active users, Instagram to have increased in reaching 500 million active users and Twitter to be at 313 million. Additionally, according to Global Web Index, it is expected for more than 41 million online videos and around 85% of Olympic viewers with a cellphone in hand. With these kind of figures, who would revert to being left out cold from the party?


Examples of Campaigns of Official Sponsors

Coca Cola: #ThatsGold Gold is synonymous to the feeling of elevation, one which anyone is able to tap into and experience. As further explained by Rodolfo Echeverría, Creative Vice-President of the Coca-Cola company, ¨This campaign establishes the parallel between the great experiences of athletes in the Olympic Games and the good times shared each day with family and friends with Coca-Cola¨. Whoever has not had the chance to experience this, it is an undeniable euphoria not to be missed.


McDonalds: #FriendsWin Ornamented as the central axis, this fast food chain celebrates the spirit of friendship that is at the heart of the Olympic values. It also offers the opportunity for children worldwide to participate in the opening ceremony through the McDonalds Olympics Kids Program.


VISA: #Carpool Prioritizing the product above emotions, this company emphasizes logistic convenience by enabling easy payment with your card with just a quick click wherever you go.  Of course, in which idea was effectively conveyed in their video advertisement of a framed shot of athletes in a ´shared ride´ and all who come from diverse array of cultures and sports.


Wanting a Slice of that Cake

Though this does not just apply for the official sponsors. Any brand, of any nature, would take advantage of any possibility to engage in the Olympic Games and to obtain as much profit from as possible.

That is precisely what we would term ambush marketing. Thus, be very cautious. To arm control on such ´intrusions´ during the Paralympic and Olympic Games, there exists various legislations like the Pele Law (Law No. 9615/98), the Olympic Act (Law No. 12.035/2009), the Olympic charter and the Nairobi Treaty. These laws prohibit the use of all logos, signs, banners, slogans, and hymns used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

Where there are laws, there are ¨traps¨. Prevent the need to use any distinctive signs in evoking resemblance to the Olympics. The best example would be Burger King (below); After earning place from the consequent denunciation of McDonalds, BK poked fire by displaying BK packet of fries as a pictorial of the Olympic torch.



Since doesn´t take much to run, Fly!

And you?
What strategy have you designed for your company to take an advantageous part of the Olympics? In Tilo Motion, we are happy to lend a hand! 🙂

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