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One of the words we are hearing all the time in recent times in the digital world es the Millennials or Generation z. Bit, do you know exactly who they are? It is a group comprised between 15 and 34 years old and has been the main objective for some time for companies because it is the most seductive and important public who have had to face. To this we must add that it is the most difficult to understand because it is a  wide range of age that we can not be used the same tactics to attract them; since each has its particular characteristics within the group.

If your brand is interested in this public these are the keys to follow.

  • Turn them into friends of the brand.
  • Being part of them.
  • Worrying about issues that interest them.

To understand a little more this audience we will have to focus on the recent study by The Cocktail Analysis and Arena where the behavior of Millennials in social networks is being analyzed.

  • There are about two billion Millennials in the world, they are 32.8% of the population, fairly high number so you have to take more consideration to their consumption habits. In addition, 36% of this group are the first to try new products so when we are drawing up any strategy we must be focusing on them.
  • They are optimistic and ambitious and has no qualms about speaking loud and clear of anything that disturbs them (either good or bad). They are constantly learning si it is a group 100% update on new technologies and they have more weight on social networks expressing their views or ideals.
  • The main driver of happiness is social as they have everything they want to reach in a single click. Multitasking, information, content, friends and family always within reach. 41% can not live without being connected 24/7, 65% off only one hour a day and they check the phone compulsively. They are very characteristic data that certify increasingly the importance of networks in this audience.
  • However, Millennials are still in a time of consolidation and development of their identity and this is reflected in searching and displaying of various referents, strengthen their character and their everyday issues as: tastes, consumer habits, hobbies … we have to take this step and get involved with them!
  • Seek permanent stimulation, something that gives them a chance to escape. That is, they take a special value content to bring something new to Millennian. They seek for novelty and that it gives them that extra.
  • As we have previously discussed the use by this group of social networking is staggering. Moreover, their fear is not to be on them.


Facebook; (85%) remains the leading network and has been implemented since new formats. It is the way they tell them ‘life itself’.

Instagram; they use this network 18% more than the rest of the population, it is the network of trend for some time. The images are the most important and this is the social network that feeds it.

Twitter is a network that is running slowly stuck in this group of people. One of the weaknesses is the difficulty to fit the video format; an essential format for this mainly youth group.

In recent months Snapchat is becoming increasingly important and the users increasingly share more and more pictures and comments. Here the content is ephemeral and does not last. They need to be constantly engaged to this social network to know what their friends are sharing.

To conclude, Whatsapp use 95% of users and is directly linked to the key issues for the Millennial; immediate, permanent stimulation, consumption in mobility, Smarthphone and direct contact with friends.

To achieve the success we shouldn’t lose sight to this public, what do you think?


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