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Los elementos SEO en una tabla periódica

We all have more or less on our mind this periodic table representing all the chemical elements, ordered by increasing atomic number and organized according to their electronic configuration in form of devilish chromatic asymmetric and multi-table: lithium, Sodium, Potassium … Ouch, it sends shivers down my spine … The fact is that it has always traumatized me. Fortunately the following one consists of factors for SEO success 😉

Yes. It exists a SEO periodic table of elements that people from Search Engine Land developed and which describes success factors as well on page as off page to make a success of a good optimization of a web site and at the same time, a better positioning on search engines as Google.

The SEO factors are the following ones:

    • Content: quality, originality and relevance of what contains your web page
    • HTML: used technical elements
    • Structure: how is built your site
    • Links: incoming links in your site
    • Trust: level of authority and trust of the web site
    • Social: social networks and recommendations
    • Personal: personalized research

In each of these categories (in vertical columns), exists a series of elements (in the slide 2 we observe completely the table). Those in the blue and green tones influence positively, while those having influential red tone negatively. Furthermore, the right upper corner of every element lets appear the level of relevance with a number which goes from +3 as being the maximum positive value, to -3 representing the maximum negative value.

Each of the SEO elements to be taken into account are:

    • Cq: Quality
    • Cr: research
    • Cw: keywords
    • Ce: capacity of catcher
    • Cf: freshness
    • Vt: any Contents *
    • Va: Excess of advertising*
  •  HTML
    • Ht: title
    • Hd: description
    • Hh: header
    • Hs: structure
    • Vs: excess of keywords *
    • Vh: hidden Text *
    • Ac: easy to explore
    • Ad: duplicated Content
    • As: speed
    •  Au: URLs
    • Am: Web mobile design
    • Vc: hidden Sections *
    • Lq: quality
    • Lt: text
    • Ln: number
    • Vp: payed links*
    • Vl: Spam *
    • Ta: authority
    • Th: history
    • Ti: identity
    • Vd: Hacking *
    • Sr: reputation
    • Ss: sharing
    • Pc: country
    • Pl: localization
    • PH: history
    • Ps: social

*In italics, are represented the elements which affect negatively the positioning.

If it pleased you, you can find more links concerning the original table or the translation in Spanish on my personal blog .

So, what‘s your favorite ” chemical element ” or the one you use most? 😉

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