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At this point nobody doubts athletes about having power in society, and social media confirms this. Brands are taking advantage of betting on this formula, since social media is the shortest, quickest, and most direct way to get to your audience taking advantage of credibility millions of people have as their idols.

Sports inspire several people we only have to observe data from the last Super Bowl since it has been the most commented in social media with more than 110 million comments on Facebook and Instagram, and becoming a TT globally overcoming 27 million tweets.

According to Forbes, 85% of users trust generated content from influencers than traditional announcements. These athletes enter in this scene as sport influencers where they recruit towards a huge community of followers who are always paying attention to their posts.

 Which sport athlete will take over social media?

If we talk about a sport athlete and social media, the first name you should think of is Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese has triumphed with more than 277 million followers, overcoming Barcelona athletes Neymar and Messi by 100 million followers. Knowing this information, seems less strange to us because Nike has recently confirmed a lifelong contract with CR7´s 1.000 millions of dollars. According to Hypebeast, Cristiano produced a value of 500 millions of dollars for Nike this past year.

In all of 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo published 1.703 times in his social media producing more than 2.250 millions of interactions according to the Hookit data. Out of all of them, a reference was made or Nike´s logo is visible in 347 occasions and had 477 millions of interactions.

Athletes with more followers on social media? Between men triumphing soccer players, only Lebron James strains on being the top 5 athletes with more followers. For women, it is between tennis and wrestling where Ronda Rousey and Maria Sharapova fight for the first spot with more followers.


Game of Thrones: Cristiano vs Lebron

 The sports channel ESPN has produced a ranking of 100 famous athletes from the world keeping a capacity in mind for every athlete, number of followers on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) and how popular they are on Google searches.

According to the prestigious North American channels, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James and Leo Messi are the three most influencing athletes. From the first ten found on the list the following are found: three soccer players, two tennis players, two NBA stars, two golf players and an athlete. Here are the top 10:


Oh my God it’s the bug!!  

A few weeks ago Forbes magazine revealed a huge amount of money athletes make when posting on their social media. The report states the Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, won the Golden Ball four times, he wins more than a million and a half of dollars thanks to his almost 300 million followers.

Neymar, Usain Bolt, Gareth Bale and Leo Messi complete the ranking demonstrating soccer, is not only the best sport, but there is also money:    


According to the 2016 data posts from Opendorse, a consultant specialized in personalities, sports and diffusion, Cristiano Ronaldo repeats as the best athlete paid by Twitter, with an income of 260.490 euros for every tweet, after him comes NBA, Lebron James, with 123.763 euros per tweet, and the Brazilian player Neymar, makes 100.000 euros for every tweet.

The first Spaniard is our Rafa Nadal with 51.452 euros per tweet posted, followed by Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez making around 20.000 euros. The report also reveals more than 2.000 professional athletes signed more than 5.000 in the Twitter publications.

Confirm your list of followers in social media and confirm which athletes you follow.

A lot, right?

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