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“When I realized how important social media is, I gathered my team and I told them that I consider something important to show all that fans want to see, in Facebook or Twitter”. These words of the tennis player Maria Sharapova are a true reflection that something is changing in the hermetic world of elite athletes.

And every time there are more who dare to raise their voices and immerse yourself in the world of social networks. The question is how do elite athletes such good use of them to charge for it? Assuming that everyone does their social profile that creates convenient (for that is yours and no one else), let’s find out…

Rafa Nadal

With the ease that always accompanies, he alternates his personal life with your professional life both English and Spanish. His publications elapse between training photos, publicity events, moments with friends and occasional contest for his followers. It shows, perhaps too , that there is a team with him, helping to publications.

He has had some slip (anticipated the death of Nelson Mandela), but has always managed to rectify from humility. Certainly a goldmine for its sponsors.

nadal 1nadal 2nadal 3nadal 4

Lebron James

In despite of the “cocky” look that could transmit his user name (@KingJames), social profiles ’23’ Cleveland Cavaliers show the opposite. Positivism messages and self-criticism abound, and the contents of his foundation course without missing appointments with the brands that sponsor him. Of course, not all content is accompanied by a photo. Circumstance leaving the cake without icing.

As a curiosity, professionalism reaches such limit since the playoffs began, he decided to stop publishing and focus only on what happens on the track. Right decision? I would say no but if he wins the ring no one can criticize. Even the brands that sponsor.

lebron 1lebron 3

lebron 2

Serena Williams

No. 1 world tennis is mostly active in Instagram. He has no qualms about sharing his personal life, which, with very good humor, gives priority over her career. Fashion, fitness and friends dominate profiles in not missing a nod to the brands that sponsor them.

Yes, maybe someone should tell the US to unlink her Instagram and Twitter accounts, as this fills her account blue bird of links and automatic messages.

serena 1serena 2

Cristiano Ronaldo

Unlike the case with the American tennis player, professional premium content on personal profiles of Portuguese. Training photos, publicity events… and all much caring image. We dont´t even believe if told it is the profile of a model or actor, instead of a footballer. Only appearances with his son give him some tenderness.

cristiano 1cristiano ronaldo 2

Nick Kyrgios

Capable of the worst off the slopes and even within them (made ​​public infidelity girlfriend of his opponent in the match), social networking Australian tennis player are a true reflection of his character. As active as controversial. Two examples. The first, a recent retweet a follower who asked for a picture and he refused in a very curious way (left) The second, to hold a referendum among its Facebook fans to find out if whether they want to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio (right). Will his sponsors happy with him?

Capaz de lo peor fuera de las pistas e incluso dentro de ellas (hizo pública la infidelidad de la novia de su adversario en pleno partido), las redes sociales del tenista australiano son el fiel reflejo de su carácter. Tan activo como polémico. Dos ejemplos de ello. El primero, un reciente retuit a una seguidora que le pidió una foto y él se negó de una manera muy curiosa (imagen izquierda). El segundo, hacer un referéndum entre sus fans de Facebook para averiguar si saber si que quieren que participe en los Juegos Olímpicos de Río (derecha). ¿Estarán sus patrocinadores contentos con él?

kyorgios 1kyorgios 2

Gerard Piqué

You could not miss the opportunity to analyze it. Neither good nor bad example of anything. Just he says what he thinks and friends and enemies equally win. Periscope able to use to make a video with Iker Casillas and use Twitter to celebrate every defeat of Real Madrid or to face directly to the press without mincing words. He is himself, politically incorrect. Brands and clubs that invest in it should be taken into account.

pique 1pique 2

Do the athletes deserve earn money for that?

Judging by the large number of followers at their disposal and the opportunity they represent for the digital marketing and branding, yes. Definitely. So, according to Johan Cruyff Institute, Lebron James (140,119 dollars), Rafael Nadal (58,240 dollars) and Serena Williams (US $ 30,560) reach pocketing astronomical amounts for each advertising content.

Future: a lasting marriage

Although the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has banned the use of applications such as Periscope or limited the use of photographs and videos (will never be published for advertising or commercial purposes) ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the digital marketing and elite athletes they will have no choice but to take the YES I WANT.

Why? Because advertising in sport has increased by 35% in 2015 and social network advertising will grow by 32% in 2016 to reach 33 million, according Adglow. If we add that social networks are currently more than 2 billion users according Cent Muruganandam and that 69% of football fans want to connect with their idols through them according Mastercard, it portends on the horizon a lasting marriage between the two sides.

So if a clueless elite athlete needs to put a community manager in his life, there is an available department in Tilo Motion  🙂

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