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With the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, the algorithms are fulfilling their task, the resolution of problems. The computer algorithms demonstrate their potential day by day. They are present in our appliances, in the programming languages ​​of our computers, in Internet search engines… We are so used to living with them that we are less and less aware that we interact with an algorithm.

Nowadays, the content that people decide to see is very specific, so bombing strategies are not always the best option because they can be blocked by the same user, likewise, with the use of these search methods and a great market research work can reach the target audiences target segments.

Brands invest a lot in these computer processes to accumulate data about your habits. In a few years it is expected that when you do one of the most normal things in your day to day, a Google search, you will get a personalized result.

  • Netflix uses algorithms to suggest content and create programs based on the consumption habits and preferences of its subscribers, to the point that 75% of the content consumed by users comes from a recommendation. As BBC says, the popular television series House of Cards was conceived by Netflix based on an algorithm, after managing the tastes of its users, highlighted three key values that successful series should have: starring Kevin Spacey, directed by David Dincher and be a political drama. Thats how House of Cards was born.


  • The UPS courier company uses an algorithm in which they save more than 400 million dollars. For this reason, UPS has already been working training for 10 years on an algorithm called Orion, which is the main pillar of the company future.


  • Did you know that there is an algorithm to predict which movie will triumph at the box office? The company Epagogix offers an analysis of artificial intelligence to predict the success or failure that can be achieved by a film production. He even claims to be able to suggest what the necessary changes would be to adapt the film and surpass the box office.

“If you take a look at the 200 highest grossing films of all time, you will see that, when they were released, their protagonists were unknown”

  • And of course, the famous Facebook algorithm decides which are the most relevant publications for a user and places them in a prominent place on your homepage.

Thanks to a virtual assistant who knows your behavior, your tastes and your way of interacting, you will have a result adapted to you. This artificial intelligence assistant or chatbot will not put at your disposal a list of content ordered in a generic way or taking into account your location, but it will give you a unique result, adapted to your need.

The Machine Learning is also used for search engines, medical diagnostics, fraud detection in the use of credit cards, stock market analysis, classification of DNA sequences, recognition of speech and written language, games and robotics…


Which is the association between digital marketing and algorithms?

Both are involved on social networks, since these have become the main medium where marketing strategies of companies are presented and show where most people spend on average 11 hours on the Internet and from that time it almost 1 hour on Facebook. The great success of social networks as digital marketing strategies is due to the use of search and sorting algorithms in the various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat).

Advertising Future

With this panorama, the advertising future in social networks is clear: the only way to obtain visibility in the future will be to invest in digital advertising. It is already a reality today but it will be even more relevant in the immediate future.


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