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What to do to be a good professional? What should you not say in an interview? How to treat a heavy client? The 12 qualities of the woman in your life, what is love?

People spend life telling us what to do, how to act, how to be and how to react. We continually receive prompts to be a better person, to work better…

But some speak of uniqueness, of being unique or simply differentiate, because we worth it. Few are- but those who write about the power of special on get juice to our own qualities or exploit the rarest behavior of each.

But what the hell, leave us alone!

Farewell to the limits, to fit us, no more tips on being like your neighbor, we don´t want to be equal. It´s enough. If we have to put rules, it has to be to jump over, so do with my 10 whathever you want.


You must read, you have to, I won´t come to tell you to shut the book while going by subway. Far from it! But looks up, see what happens, how they behave, what others read. Read what pleases you, but reads everything . Don´t limit yourself.



I guarantee you it will be like reading, imagine, I promise your mind will still work. Notes on the street, at home, at work. Notes all the time, see how it works around you. Watch what you like, but also what is not. Analyzes, invent, think what you want. No one can know what you’re thinking so what can you pass through your head is amazing.



Learn from yourself, how you act, what you feel, everything. You know what ‘s hot and how to do it. Learn to know what your body asks. Know yourself and you’ll know what you need and what you can do to get it. You learn from your actions and how you feel all the time. Learn from others , how you felt, what you do to them. Learn from everything and also from you.



Listening to music, listening to a good conversation, listen to what they tell you but listen to yourself too. Only then you will know what it is that makes you unique , what you need. Listen whatever you like whenever you like . Listen all, just so you can answer any questions.



You know a lot of you – more than you think- so continually amazed. Do it. You know what makes you special, exploit it. Don´t be annoying, but hey, if you know it’s cool, why not again?



Push yourself improve, try it. Try harder. You know who you are and what you want. Step up as you need to achieve it. There´s no better motivation than your own desire.


Turn it around and turns it takes.

Don´t do as always, don´t repeat, push yourself. Go home another way, change your shape, your diet, change your look, change your habits. Skip standards, don´t always obey, laugh at something that it´s no funny, go to sleep at another time, dance or not dance, put on loud music, express yourself… not always do everything the same way and be sure to be.



Repeat everything that makes you feel good, you want to hear repeated, repeated behaviors that are cool or repeated a thousand times sorry if you were wrong . Repeat what you need, as often as you need.



Ask yourself, ask if you ‘re doing fine. Question yourself every minute. You find faults that you can rectify and see when you’re doing well.


Do whatever you want!

Respect who lives with you but do what you please, always. Do not betray anyone, but less yourself. Take these 10 rules of whatever you like, do what you want. If you follow them, or else you will know how to act, but act.

Never give up hope, desire, and motivation. Never forget that like any child, we need to learn. Stumble, but err on acting .


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