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estudio mcommerce españa

According to the study by PWE Research Centre, Spain is the 4th country in the world (after Australia, Israel and the United States) when it comes to smartphone penetration. In Europe, we are leaders.

mapa de penetración smartphones en el mundo

This may not be too surprising a fact (as it has persisted so in recent years), but the interesting part is that in regards to the important mobile sector, m-Commerce (mobile purchasing) does not take the lead, nor does it even tail as second string. Instead, United Kingdom reigns ahead (as per by eMarketer, to pertain so by 2020) with Germany following as runner-up.

What exactly do us Spaniards primarily use smartphones for? Indeed, for social and recreational activities. The average daily use (of 2 hrs. and 34 mins. with smartphones and 1hr. and 19 mins. with tablets) is for chatting, checking emails, surfing through social networks, listening to music, or gaming activities. However, Online shopping through mobile, although this year showed improvement somewhat, is still far from being a major trend. 

According to the two recent reports from IAB Mobile Marketing Spain (2015 and 2016), in 2015: 6 out of 10 users shop via mobile. This year, although we would expect it would be more, only about 41% utilize their mobile to buy a product or service. This year as well has obviated shopping applications so we might assume that the data in question is more or less similar.

Estudio Mobile IAB Spain

We must also take into account data from the other conducted survey: The market is not the same, and neither is the sample from both studies either. In 2015, 15.4 million Spaniards of ages 18-55 years with smartphones were recorded. In 2016 however, there was a rise in figure with 21.5 million, though with an increase in age to now 16-65 years.

However, even with the positivity from this study, m-Commerce still has not yet fully bloomed, and only around 41% of users consider it an easy and comfortable process. 

These figures have hardly changed as with the use of mobiles in the purchase process (9 out of 10 do, and mainly with purposes to be informed about the product, price and to read reviews), and which sectors with more sales include: Travel, leisure, fashion and electronics.

Is trust towards purchasing via mobiles still the big problem, or is it simply consumption habits that is hindering m-Commerce from taking off in Spain?

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