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Nowadays there are hundreds os species of animals in danger of extinction. To defend this cause, the French brand Lacoste has decided to replace its isotype, iconic crocodile of the brand, by the silhouette of ten endangered species with the aim of preserving them.

Lacoste, took the crocodile as isotype in honor of his creator, the French tennis playerRené Lacoste, nicknamed “Crocodile”.

The temporary substitution of the brand isotype has created this new collection called “Save Our Species”, limited edition. In total 1,775 polos have been manufactured, exactly the number of specimens of each species represented that should remain alive as a whole group.

The selected animals are: the Vaquita Marina from the Gulf of California, the Batagur turtle from Birmania, the northern Lepilemur, the gibbon of Cao-Vit, the parrot Kakapo, the rhino of Sonda, the California Condor, the Saola, the Tiger of Sumatra and the Iguana of the Anegada Island.







The specimen that is in a more critical situation is the porpoise at the Gulf of California, of which there are only 30 specimens left. The porpoise is a fanatical mammal for swimming in shallow waters. It weighs an average of 48kg and measures about one and a half meters long. He is the victim of shrimp fishing nets in which he ends up trapped. The collection is sold exclusively through the Lacoste website and each polo price is 150€. The raised money will go towards the preservation of these animals.

This campaign has been announced through social networks, with the hashtag #LacosteSaveOurSpecies, seeking to contribute its own arguments to the environmentalist discussion.

The collection is the result of collaboration between Lacoste and the International Union of the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The agency responsible for developing this campaign is BETC.


The polo of this limited collection were released for sale in the French version of the Lacoste website and in just one day, most of the collection was sold-out.

A striking and daring collaboration, since any brand would change its logo, and in this case, an isotype as representative in the world of fashion, to support an initiative like this and to sensitize the population about the need to preserve nature.

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