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We live in the digital transformation era, when almost every aspect of our daily lives are being digitized at top speed. A good example of this phenomenon is the kitchen, before pure tradition passed from father to son, and now a trend that is hard to resist, but not even you like cooking. For sure many of you, after making a cake or a cupcake , having used a recipe taken from Pinterest previously , have taken a picture and published in Instagram have a filter molón and accompanied hashtags as #foodporn, #instafoodies, #homemade… for that, cooking is no longer just cooking, because now this process has also been digitized.

The most pessimistic people will say that we are being subjected to an environment of accelerated innovation but can also analyze positively or at least pragmatic and take advantage of new digital solutions that confront us.

Comunidades de vecinos 2.0

In this post we wanted to look at another aspect of our daily lives has also been passed to the “dark side”: the neighbors community.

The truth is that no one likes being president of his community. Not like it , we do not like or attend meetings because often there topics that know and those who have not curiosity to date are treated .

Now, the 2.0 era allows us to overturn this situation and transform a neighbors community of  in a 2.0 community, where all actively participate, give their opinions, propose changes and inform other neighbors today the farm without not even have to meet. To get the power, even you can organize neighborhood associations, exposing the agenda, make few comments are appropriate, and vote, all for online. How? We have selected the best tools to do that:

  • redConvive: Available for IOS and Android, is one of the pioneering applications in this sector. Is convenient to use because it offers two blocks of activity: Plank, where residents can report any incident, advertisement… related to the state. And the Board to conduct neighborhood meetings online with your agenda and your space to vote with legal validity.

Comunidad de Vecinos 2.0

  • FincasOn: Another app available for iOS and Android, and very similar to the previous one. This, however, can report incidents attaching photos to be displayed as an instant message on the mobile to all users. It also allows reservations of the common areas of the state (games room, tennis, swimming… ) and, of course, organizing neighborhood meetings.
  • This website is a comes from a Galician startup that allows owners and property managers generate a flow of communication and transparency about everything concerning a community of neighbors. It also is a good tool for real-time management of breakdowns , incidents, common documents and decision making of a community. Also, this site also functions as a platform for reporting, where neighbors can make collective demands and pressure to make their complaints heard. The website also has a blog where the best tips for conviviality, on how to undertake certain legal action…

Comunidad Vecinos 2.0

With all these digital tools, neighborhood meetings can already go down in history, and the drudgery and boredom which is part of a community is relegated to times when the resignation of Mr. ‘Cuesta’ was requested.

Pics by: Redacción Infobierzo, y Profit Service.

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