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The # Geomarketing is the set of data, processes and tools for using geographic information, analyzing it and defining the market. With there Geomarketing encompasses multiple techniques as geographical analysis of data and its visualization, that many companies use to evaluate the characteristics of the market, expansion studies, design of marketing campaigns, etc …

The use of actions geomarketing allows us to know from where and how come my customers? Or what kind of customers do I attract?

Geomarketing emerged through understanding the markets, trade and the economy in general can not be excluded from geography, certain characteristics of consumer behavior are closely related to where they live, the climate, location, culture …

The fashion of #geopositioning

Spain is the country with the highest penetration of “smartphones” in the EU5 (France, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain). Factors such as the growth of smart devices are making internet consumption to skyrocket and currently 17 million people surfing daily in our country.

This situation has made the “here and now” a reality, the user can connect at any time “in a single click” share, recommend, search, and interact with their contacts and the place where he is, a shop, a restaurant, cinema, city … the integration between geo positioning and social networks has introduced a new component to the #social-geomarketing.

Advances in technology and software, with the different social networks, make that today anyone can have a terminal which permit you a geopositioning and share their experience on that particular place on social networks, and this power increases and even more the “word-of-mouth”, and is increasingly important for positioning the geo localisation for local businesses, in fact, there are sites with organic traffic which nearly 70% comes through Google Maps.

There are some social networks which use the geo positioning as their first value, and enable companies to conduct marketing campaigns depending on the store location and the target audience which visit it.

Foursquare, well known by all, continues to grow. Over half a million users and 1.4 million registered places … the question is, Where will you be by the end of the year?

Yelp. Similar to the above, An exchange of recommendations that serves as guide app for “playing at home” in any city in the world. It would be a kind of “Yellow Pages” of prominent where anyone can leave their opinions and critics about hotels,  restaurants and businesses to another user, for advice, to find what he is looking for.

Other social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ are aware of the potential of geo-marketing in actions for businesses, and the added value provided to users, as more and more actions are being  implemented on the basis of geo-positioning.

Twitter has recently added a new module that displays the location of the user in each tweet that has its geolocation. It is not just what happens, we want to know where.

Facebook is not far behind and, it may present in the imminent F8 Conference a system to geolocate its users.

Companies still are not exploiting field of the social Geomarketing at 100%, is something that is still “green” in that sense, because in the other, where users who access and “act” every day, creating opportunities for connecting and creating # engagement, is constantly growing, as its also said Foursquare from business section.

Main fact of the Social GeoMarketingBasics

1-To have all the business information up -to-date on the Internet and in the social profiles: phone, address, e-mail …

2- Observe and analyze what is said about the company or the product on social networks according to their location, so that we can assess why a product sells better in one area and not in the other.

3. The customer of today is mobile, doing marketing campaigns to mobile is the most direct way to reach their customers and these to share the information.
4. What customers say about us matters a lot! Build a digital reputation is essential today.

5. Link the customers with social networks. Let them discuss and share their experience, not just the how but also the “where”.
The geo positioning is a tool with great potential to enhance our marketing strategy. To know the location of a customer allows to the advertisers to bid in a personalized and useful way for the potential consumer.


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