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Did you know 81% of users admit your opinion according to a brand will improve if you respond to a tweet or question?

Customer service throughout the years is becoming something we need to focus more on. Social media and technology are advancing constantly and have drastically changed us, for example the way we relate to brands and the demands from older users. The webinar is organized according to Audience named `why are intelligent conversation systems revolutionizing between consumers and brands` we have confirmed the changes and what it will provide for us.

The new times request brands to go on alert since their reputation is online. For instance, Twitter as instructed by the business Spanish and Portuguese director, Jaime Pelegrí, the tweets are meant to be public and incentive since 84% of the users tweet about brands that will be heard. The users are requesting more brands even though in reality they are not doing a terrible job: an 89% of users that have used twitter have responded. Silence exists in a lower proportion than expected.

However, let´s not allow this to mislead us, the response is the least important in regards to the attention of the client. The keywords are based on two attributes: speed and your personal request.

Speed and personal request

Even though it is a shorter time, the objective is proximity, since now the intelligent automatic systems begin to become possible. The response´s promptness satisfies clients and affects the brand directly, and to reinforce this idea, there is nothing better than an example: a study in regards to Twitter for an airline, if someone responded in less than 6 minutes to a client, this increased the person´s salary by 20 dollars. It is not bad, right? Speed matters!

Twitter atención cliente rapidez respuesta

Another example in regards to customer service based on speed and personal request is by Audiense for El País. Javier Burón, Co-Founder and CEO of Audiense, demonstrated alert systems in Twitter through DM´s with users that receive news based on whatever they want. 71% of the executors interact with this service on a daily basis. Do not leave this.

Twitter Chatbot El Pais

Lastly, there is another significant example, the Air Europa case.

There are some sectors that need customer service to be optimized. The airlines, with technology businesses and banks (with others) in between others, offer responses practically based on real time and fundamental users. Air Europa has made a bet towards Twitter´s new API for DM for gesturing communication in regards to the clients. Presently Air Europa´s assistant has two functions: Flight status (where you receive information if for example your flight is delayed) and subscribe on a flight (where you have information about the billing counter that corresponds to you or a ribbon number for your suitcase).

Atención cliente Aireuropa twitter

Even though intelligent conversation systems with robots and automatic systems are developing and growing slowly, we should not think about the client relationships in the future –brands will go into machines. These systems will help with proximity and with simplicity clients´ questions, aspects the users value, however as long as they do not lose their human component. Next time we will see how we are capable of managing it, does this seem fascinating?

If you want to know more about the discussion and debate, you should see the Reason Why article!

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