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Without a good team full of different professionals with a common goal , maybe they would not have large projects and so efficiently . All digital agency knows. Wildlife  gives real added value, which gives a unique character over others.

The creative department, accounts, SEO and SEM , programmers, Social Media, Web developer and even administrative … none is saved from this real and funny cartoon that we created in Tilo Motion based on the experience of the day in an agency. Surely many like ours will feel reflected in this infographic!

La fauna de toda agencia digital


They’re very creative , restless and even crazy … so they are creative ! As the monkeys , always beat around the bush . They have concerns, and they jump like macaques around many projects. His insight makes them seem so intelligent and are able to create true works of art.

Accounting Department

They’re real sharks! They are persistent, professional and able to defend any client objectives. Controller is another adjective that defines very well both a shark as a Social Manager. They keep a good control of their work, even when the sea is unsettled.



They watch day and night, our SEO and SEM department is responsible for putting in the highest part of the tree of Google, like owls . With eyes wide open, they anticipate any keyword .


With the power to multiply his arms like a good octopus , programmers and developers have the virtue of simultaneity. In a corner or in the center , they always go unnoticed. They are important in every situation and therefore are omnipresent.


Social Media

Social Media team is attentive as an eagle. They are always informed about the news. They are attentive to trends. Agitator by nature , there will always be something to talk wherever there is a Social Media and Community Manager.

Web design

Organized, stable and attentive. So is a layout designer,  always know where to look and what to solve. Like chameleons, they adapt to any territory and therefore are also ‘ responsive ‘ .


The management department are persistent like a squirrel when they resist to a pineapple. In addition, they are fast, they have cunning and resolve any problem but  above all, they are hard workers , agile and able to  be everywhere.

What did you think of this infographic? As a professional you are, do you feel identified with any of these animals? If you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to write us.

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