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evolución del marketing: del producto a los valores

The society in which we live has evolved through the years and with it the way the company has approached the buyer. Channels, products, how to purchase and even today’s consumers themselves are not the same as how well portrays the Mad Men series , back in the ’60s .

The relationship between the company and its customer, marketing has also changed, and in this post is intended to explain this evolution dividing it in three stages that call Phase 1 ( product-centric , mainly industrial), Phase 2 (focused on the consumer) and Phase 3 ( value-centered ), the three which we live. As you can see , the three phases can be summarized in PRODUCT – PERSON – or WORLD SOCIETY. To do this we will see how key issues have included marketing and business in each of the phases.

Given that the goal of every business is to sell , the objective or approach to this end of Phase 1 was defined as ” sell, sell and sell products massively”, which some have called place and that in certain countries, as bad name given to the seller. In phase 2 , this objective changed to ” satisfy the customer to greater loyalty” that is, to buy us more because they are happy with us. Currently, the major objective of marketing goes a step further could be stated as ” create a better world.” Can anyone imagine, in 2016, a case such as milk powder Nestlé ?

The way that  the company sees the market and its members have also been changing . If years ago, during the phase 1 is considered the market as ” mass buyers needs (mainly physical )”, he switched to “intelligent buyers  with heart” phase 2 and the “human with mind, heart and spirit” phase 3. Each time, as shown, the product is losing the battle with so many intangibles. And in such a competitive market full of brands, intangibles can you decant the decision to purchase one brand or another.

Another interesting concept to note is the key concept of the different phases . If phase 1 can not be otherwise, the key was the development of products in phase 2 marketiniana key to compete in Phase 1 , was differentiation. Phase 3 goes a step further and focuses its key concept in values. Education, especially children and youth, it’s a good example : Public or Private school? Religious, international or Waldorf? In the end this decision does not focus on the curriculum, but are linked to the values ​​of buyers, parents of students. If you have children, what school would you choose? This:

Or this?:

Finally, the guidelines or standards of corporate marketing have also evolved over time. If Phase 1 is focused on product instructions, regulations or road ahead can not be other than the specifications of the product itself. Phase 2, governed by customer satisfaction, it’s a standard product positioning and the company itself. Actually has a more complicated differentiation and with undisguised penetration of Eastern philosophy in Western markets, the guidelines go far more closely linked to the vision, mission and values ​​of the company. Who does not remember the “bald” of Christmas lottery? Who has not been excited when his friend Manuel gives a tenth- share ticket for the Christmas lottery?

The world and society changes  and with them you must change the approach customer approach.

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