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Today we are hard pressed to find people who are not present in any social network. Networks have become an essential part of our daily lives and to have become hollow at times when other devices should have the leading role, for example when we watch TV. Many current studies reveal that most viewers use mobile phones when they watch television. And it is that social networks have achieved something that seemed physically impossible, are making users watch television group even if they are alone on the couch in their homes. One comment on a particular program can help you become part of a community, and that is very relevant today, for both users and television programs.

Programs, as stated above, know the importance of being part of those conversations. It is very common to see how many television formats prompt the user to be a participant in networks with a particular hashtag, favoring not only talk but also making the user enter the program and participate as one more.

In many cases success in television audience is directly related to success in social networks, but has lately been more visible and striking the fact that some programs of Spanish television fail to have a high audience but nevertheless succeed in comments networks. Does the current system of measuring audience, which still determines the success or failure of a program, is outdated?


This group of commentators who form the Social Audience is taking such a scale that until now have name users participating in it. What do you call people who are unable to sit in front of the TV without their mobile without comment what they see on social networks? His name is ‘sloggers‘.

And these sloggers, what they are getting, is to have several TV formats are giving more than speak in television audience social audience. One of the most obvious cases is #PekinExpress a week ago reached 12,000 tweets accounting Mass, exceeding comments to other successful programs (in television audience) that were issued at a time. The strange thing is that precisely the audience space Pedroche was very low, 6.9 % share.

Another case that particularly striking is the Ministry of Time. Registered shares rather slim screen, but in their emissions get much social impact. In his last chapter, with more than 54,500 comments on twitter, it became the most talked about of the day in networking program.


audiencia social

The success of this series is due in large part to the transmedia narrative that makes and where social networks are protagonists. Not only make characters like Diego Velázquez be trending topic every week, if that were not enough, to institutions such as the National Library hashtag using the series are made and include it in their networks to their advantage, winning both interaction and new followers.

usuario twitter

To get to get a social audience the main key is to adapt to new consumption habits that users have. The Ministry of Time has managed to create a very passionate community that feels totally linked to the series. The creation of new spaces on its website, promote complementary to the plot or join in the conversations of Ministéricos content has made this series a success despite not being a leader in audience.

Of course, there are examples of programs that have been successful in television and social audience at a time. The final of Champions, held just weeks ago, got a 57.3 % share and 9,447,000 viewers (penalties being the most watched of the season ), but social media achieved a historic record in our country: more than 1,307,632 users able to generate no less than 1,199,319 tweets.

Finally, a curious case happened recently was that FOX reached pre-premiere his new series of exorcism only via Facebook. What now will debut an unprecedented series by digital platforms?

What do you think? Are you for commenting on networks what you’re watching on TV?

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