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The Formula 1 season officially ended on November 26 at Yas Marina circuit in the United Arab Emirates. With a world championship that already had the name of Lewis Hamilton, the one who pointed another year to the palmarés of the silver arrows and Fernando Alonso finishing his Via Crucis with Honda, it could seem that the 2017 has been ‘one more’ in the history of F1. Nothing could be further from the truth.

On January 24, 2017, Liberty Media acquired the entire F1 (which it already owned 19.1%). Announced with great cheerful mood the same day on a press release, this American company that unites several media outlets dismissed the man who did and unmade until then – and during the last 40 years – in the category: Bernie Ecclestone.

It was the first of a long series of decisions that are leading Formula 1 towards a digital opening that had not been seen until now, aimed at improving the image on the public and enhance marketing and brand utilization.

The one that grows on Social Media

We live on social networks. The brands have found a new reef which their users can reach, sometimes more aware of them even than what they have in front of their eyes. However, Formula 1 had left aside social channels due to distrust its usefulness… until the arrival of the new owners. In Liberty Media they have understood that a potential audience of millions of spectators cant be ignored as they have been until now.

Aficionados a la Fórmula 1 en Monza

The changes not took so long and already from the first pre-season tests the teams were allowed to show their images of their new cars, as well as several moments of the official trainings. In addition, we have been able to attend a huge change of perspective also in the official channels of the category itself, with examples on Instagram stories narrating live careers, post-race interviews or instant teamradios.

All this has helped the F1 brand take off on social media, a very important impact to take into the account, if we check the delay that the competition had in relation to other engine categories such as NASCAR or the undisputed queen of the digital world: MotoGP.


Let’s see the numbers: according to the study of The F1 Broadcasting Blog they produced annually, the F1 has gone from having 7.91 million followers in its official channels to 9.57, overtaking NASCAR on a spectacular 20, 99% increase. Although they are still far from MotoGP – more than 19 million followers endorse the category that best manages the digital world -, Formula 1 finally shows its fans on social channels.

From the real world to the digital

A good strategy in social networks must necessarily be linked to a good product in real life. In Liberty Media seem to be aware of it: in addition to the changes that will be introduced gradually with the years in on category, the different events raised in some circuits have also been a fresh air breath for the fans.

Fernando Alonso en Silverstone

One of the greatest examples we found in the past GP of Great Britain, where the F1 cars drove in July through the streets of London to promote the race, filling also the profiles of the followers of the category of selfies, photos and videos of the cars. And thats not all, since this type of events, Liberty Media intends to go a step further and try to bring the category to those who are not yet fans of it, or just are in it by casualty.

If we cross the puddle and we go to the Mexico GP, held on October 29 at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, we find out how the good management of this type of events has its impact on social networks. According to the Latin American consultant ClowderTank, during the race weekend the posts related to the GP increased by 1.092%, taking 97% of positive mentions. The result? Third consecutive award as best GP of the season.

Nuevo logo F1

Its undeniable that a product of this size of Formula 1, considered the highest category of motorsport, could not continue in the digital unawardness in which it was immersed until now. Liberty Media has come with changes on their hand and the goal of renewing an image, logo change included, which began to suffer and lose the train of the digital age. Will they get it?

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