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Julien Tabet is a French photographer and digital artist who is only 20 years old, he has surprised hundreds of people with his genius talent,  domain of the camera, his objective and the his expert skills editing in Photoshop.

His creations, whose protagonists are usually animals, already have a surreal and disturbing environments, but they are magical. There is no doubt: we are facing a phenomenon of surrealism.





Origins of surrealist art

Surrealist art is an artistic movement that emerged in France from Dadaism, in the 1920s. Its origin is in The Interpretation of Freud’s Dreams. It develops as a way of being able to forget reality and find some way of the artist enclosing himself, a psychic impulse of the imaginary and the irrational. It is a incoherent, dreamlike and very original art. This type of art tries to find inspiration in the artist’s mind, make him forget all logical or rational thought, and let his subconscious work. Therefore, as the subconscious is something totally personal, there is no “surrealist style”.

Tabet’s digital surrealism

Tabet’s works challenge reality as it is, and creates his own creative universe. Their creations play with the skins or body parts of animals to create new and impressive species, or turn them into containers of oceans with independent histories.




Photoshop is one of his big allies in the creation of his artworks and make possible this fantastic animals get out their usual habitat. His art are really colorful and got a lot of passion within, they make you dream and, of course, make you fall in love with his talent and imagination. In his Youtube channel, we can find the creation process of some of his artworks step by step:

His Instagram profile, which already has more than 38,000 followers, is his main platform to show his work to the world. On Facebook, it only has 1,900 fans. His profile picture in both networks is a cat hidden under a ocean carpet, the same one he has used for one of his videos and which has become his hallmark.




With the genius of this artist we realize that the world is full of wonderful elements but, with the help of Photoshop, can become magic.

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