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We all know that today social media have an important role in the world of advertising and Instagram is one of the most relevant in this view. What until nothing has been a simple social media of photography where expose your whole life, now come one of its star tools to sell: Instagram Shopping.

What is Instagram Shopping?

The brands were already advertised in this type of platforms through more traditional marketing strategies, but now they are looking for a new shopping experience as easily as possible. Hence the idea of ​​launching one of the tools with the most expectations of the market. The ads take time within the personal profiles of each brand or company, and we have seen how the stories of these walls made it easier for you to enter your pages to buy something. But now, Instagram has wanted to go further with a new technology that will allow companies to put links within publications in order to click on it and open the web with the product we want to buy. A good way to label the products and price them!




How does this work?

Instagram wanted to make the new tool easy to use, as if you were tagging a friend in a photo. You can upload the image and then label the products where the price will be and some more detailed image about it.

This update promises to change the application and the way you use it. So it will be a good option to call attention to your products. In order to use it, companies must only register on the Instagram website and must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a company profile
  • Sell physical products
  • Create a minimum of nine publications to activate the purchase button
  • Have a product catalog on Facebook through BigCommerce and Shopify
  • Use the latest version of Instagram


Buy without leaving Instagram

It is true that ir is a new tool that directs you to the website of the company itself, but the truth is that you remain on Instagram. So, when a user sees the publication, you can press the ‘‘Buy’’ button to know the details of the product.

Therefore, we are facing a new tool that will facilitate purchase of brands and companies will see positive results in their purchases. Is it true? We will have to wait until Spain is in place and functioning to see it.


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