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tips buenas infografias

In reality, what we see does not always go through our minds. We live in a toxic society and if we do not summarize things for the reader, he/she will leave, and go back to seeing Instagram stories (which he/she probably has already seen in the metro).

Reading 10 paragraphs without seeing images is hard, right? Especially when we have to find concrete information about a topic. This is why computer graphics are the latest trend and knowing how to do this is the key to success, we will give you 5 tips which will help you immensely.

1. Information

When we documented this previously, it became essential to begin with computer graphics. Without it, we do not have history, and nothing to say, it is important having reliable data supporting our arguments.

Do you need help? Without a doubt Google Public Dara or INE, are your alliances in this battle.

información infografía articulo tilo

2. History

Before thinking about how your computer graphics will be, you should keep in mind what you want to say exactly. What do you want to tell? How do you want your reader to understand? Who is the message directed to? Once everything is clear, elaborating the message will be a piece of cake.

crear una historia infografia

3. Organization

After you know what you want to say, it is time to organize the content. How are you going to? Once the information is compiled and creates history, structure your data, summary and try to focus in the valuable content.

ordenar infografia

4. Style

A computer graphic that is not eye catching, what is it? It is just like mac without cheese, an ocean without fish or the world without a sun. Let´s not be dramatic, but come on this does not mean anything.

The computer graphic objective is sending the message through the users´ eyes. Meaning, in an entertaining and eye catching way so the information is relevant to share.

Advice: do not mix styles. Use font combining with yes or no in different words. Follow the correct line, meaning: if you use graphics, merge them together, if you post illustrations, make sure they are similar. If you put everything your mom and dad do it will look like a hodgepodge. In the end, you will have to decode it.

estilo tip buena infografia

5. Size

The size is essential since it needs to be adjusted to social media or even by publishing it. Try and see if the attachment is not too heavy and make sure it is easy to share with and add buttons.

tips para saber el tamaño de tu infografía

We hope this 5 tips have helped with computer graphics and if you have a trick to do this more TOP, share it with us! 😉 Also, if you want to become an expert, consult with our next article 6 computer graphic examples demonstrating their success.

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