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According to Social Media Annual Study of IAB Spain in 2016, 92% of citizens trust in shared content from people through social media instead of publicity. This data clearly reflects the world of publicity has changed in the last years with the social media boom, a lot of the blame is to influencers, but now we ask ourselves, do they really sell products because they like to or is it for the money?

It isn’t anything new we are ruled by the latest trends, but social media still has the potential to this. The issue begins with the influencers, Social Media is leaving the social world and beginning to commercialize, the most fascinating part is we do not know when they are advertising a brand or not.

Sin títuloWhile its legal…

In the United States they were innovating this question and became serious about this polemic. The American legislation considers the promotion of products and services through social media a felony only if this was not communicated to their followers about the post being promoted. Therefore, American influencers are obligated to accompany their post with a hashtag like #ad (announcement) or #sp (patronage) to liberate themselves from judges, even though they don´t.

Meanwhile in Spain, this is seen as illegal. The law services of society of information and the commercial sector in their article 20, obligates identifying commercial communications through electronics according to the name of who carries it out. If they do not follow this, it results in a 30.000 euro fine and if the situation is more serious they will be accused and sent to jail for 6 months up to a year. Even a fine for 12 months to 24 months. However, we do not the felony in this country yet, we will have another poser act.

Everyone turns to the followers

The Annual Study of social of Spain´s IAB also reflects 1 out of 3 users have gone to a social media webpage to see an announcement or when mention something when they see a post through social media. Also, 1 out of 4 interviewers are inspired by the brand being present through social media.  

Brands are not so dumb and they have lots of factors to choose when the time comes for a person to post, tweet or post a picture through social media with one of their products for example, their profession, type of public and most of all the followers.

The problem is when followers want to know about Paula Echevarria posting pictures of her high heels because she wants to show more than her 1,7 million followers in Instagram how they look on her or is it really because the brand paid her 3.000 euros for posting pictures with them. This is what the Spanish celebrities in Instagram revolve around.

Aida Domenech, known as Dulceida, is the most important influencer in Spain with almost 2 million followers on Instagram. Rumors say she charges 3.000 euros when she posts pictures during a modeling event, 4.000 by sponsoring an event through social media and 6.000 euros when making an announcement.


This does not only relate to style, futbol (soccer) is also implying Piqué to introduce his son´s birth in Milan with a picture of his feet with Nike shoes (a sponsored brand) in Twitter. Even though one of the most eye catching cases in the last couple of years was with Land Rover. Land Rover chose Cholo Simeone and Iker Casillas to publish their different pictures of a Ranger Rover Sport posing naturally with their new car.


Instagram, a territorial charm for influencers

There is a sepulchral silence about influencers for every advertising insertion through social media. But Chiara Di Lag, an expert in marketing digital, published a tariff board where announcers pay media to influencers depending on how many influencers there are. Even though they cannot charge people over one million followers:


Also, this board is not necessary for leaving T.V. to be an influencer. In fact, it tends to be anonymous people who have become famous thanks to social media use, and this is the reason it has converted in trends.

Instagram is the favorite social media for influencers, in fact, it keeps on growing, in only four months it has increased with more than 100 million users, and reaches 700 million active users monthly all over the world. With Facebook´s purchase and incorporation of Snapchat are key for celebrities using social media.

Who is the queen of Instagram?

If we are talking about Instagram´s trinity, we need to talk about Selena Gomez (121 millions of followers), Ariana Grande (107 million) and Beyoncé (102 million). The three North American singers take control of Instagram every single day. But you do have to choose the most influencing one between the three singers. In this case, Beyoncé is the most influencing one even though she does not lead with followers.

This is how the business analyzes social media, D´Mario Analytics, based on the number of followers, range of entries and the compromise of number of clicks obtaining a conclusion where an author of “Single Ladies” is the most influenced person of Instagram.

According to businesses´ estimation, every publication from a singer is worth one million dollars, this amount varies according to posting new content with less frequency.

In fact, Beyoncé has the publication record with more likes in social media history. Especially when she posted a picture of her pregnant where she overcame 11 million.

What makes sense are influencers are not only a one-day trend, they are here to stay and it´s time to consider this as a profession. We are only left with the doubt if they publish because they want to share their preferences with followers or money makes them post. However, nobody really responds to this question, are influencers a reality or a fiction?

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