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Marketing de influencers

The use of influencers in marketing and advertising campaigns is an increasingly widespread practice among companies in different sectors. And its not for less, because with the step of the time it has been possible to verify how they turn into gold everything what they touch, thanks to the weight and the influence that have their opinions on the consumers.

The arrival of Bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers has caused a radical change in the Marketing landscape. So much so, that around this trend have emerged companies dedicated to managing the power of influencers efficiently and, in turn, offer an effective solution to companies that require their services.

Bloggers, instagrammers y youtubers

What is Marketing Influencer?

This is a new marketing strategy that consists of achieving a series of collaborative links between brands and companies and those people with a high visibility and prominence on the Internet, which is known as influencers.

A few years ago, consumers only considered the famous and celebrities of the moment as people highlighted by their reputation and prestige. Therefore, there were many brands that did not hesitate to use them in their marketing strategies. Some of them took advantage of their target’s affinity with the character and turned them into a Brand Ambassador.

However, the emergence of blogs and social networks opened a world of possibilities to a number of people and experts in various fields who have managed to become the benchmark of a large number of users. His hook and charisma in the virtual world have undoubtedly been his best weapons to open a gap in the market and become an essential element for many brands.

How to select the right influencer?

When you decide to incorporate an influencer into your digital marketing strategy, the first thing you should do is identify and select the right person. For this, we recommend that you keep in mind certain aspects:

  1. Identify the right person according to your objectives: When deciding on one candidate, its important that you show values ​​and a style similar to the brand.
  2. Volume of followers that you have in your social networks: Its not a determining factor, but it is true that you can not ignore the number of followers and the type of audience that attracts that one influencer.
  3. The engagement: Another of the strong points to take into account because both of the number of likes and comments that usually have a publications is essential to get an idea of ​​its impact.
  4. Type of content: Study carefully your social networks and consider if the type of content you publish in your profiles (video, post, videoblog, stories …) can be applied or not, to the strategy you want to carry out in your own brand.
  5. Brands which they works: Do not lose sight of the type of brands with which he has collaborated. This may be your best reference to know the results obtained in an approximate way and the image that the influencer has caused in different campaigns.


Benefits of Marketing Influencer

The old strategy of ‘word of mouth’ is present in our days through social networks. For this reason, there are many brands that have seen in the influencers a figure that can serve as a ‘speaker’ to spread their products and services in a more direct and efficient way.

Next, we will mention the most outstanding benefits you will get thanks to your bet for Influencer Marketing:

  • You will achieve greater reach thanks to the large number of loyal followers who follow these personalities every day and consider them credible interlocutors.
  • Humanization of your brand, since users will associate it with a person of trust, with whom they have a certain affinity, since they tend to like the content they share on their networks.
  • Will increase traffic to your website or the landing page of your campaign.
  • Will achieve reputation and prestige, by generating conversation on the network about your products or services.

Now that you know a little more about the influencers and the advantages of incorporating them into your online marketing strategy. Do you dare to use them in your strategy?

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