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Herramientas para transcribir contenidos audiovisuales

Do you have a blog or Website and your content is completly audiovisual? Perhaps you ask why your content is not well positioned in Google and why it is difficult to find when you use the search , still containing keywords. This is something that tends to happen to those who climb this content in audio format to a podcast or other pages where we share only audiovisual material.

Why does this happen? It is simple! In short words , Google does not understand the audiovisual content. Can we do something about it? Of course! The key word here is transcribed. We transcribe our audiovisual content to our friend Google did not tell us gets tough and the content is easily found in search results.

Sometimes , the lack of time prevents us to transcribe everything we say in our audiovisual content, but it is not necessary to repeat verbatim everything you say. Is it enough to just transcribe the best quotes that summarize the idea of ​​your audio or video content! But how can we spend all of our audiovisual content to text? The following tools will be helpful.


It’s a free online tool that supports several languages ​​(English, Italian , German and French ) . This is a space to write what you always dictate and when the microphone is active. Once you have converted the audio to text, this platform allows you to edit the results in another frame. You’ll be able to edit it to your liking.



It can be downloaded free and its compatible with Apple devices. This application offers a tutorial to dictate in the best way and get good results. It also contains a grammatical corrector and intelligent voice recognition. It also includes the ability to export your final text to Facebook and Twitter.



This new mobile application available for iPhone  includes grammatical correctness as well as the above, as well as editing screen. It has the advantage that ‘ learns ‘ every time you use intelligent voice recognition . Voice Assistant becomes transcripts to the appropriate format , making it compatible with Google Search, Youtube , Evernote or Pages.

voice assistant remix


This simple tool will be very useful if you use iPad and especially for those engaged in journalism , offering the option of transcribing interviews quickly. It is another tool that you can download free . It also allows for editing and writing notes to work with photographs if necessary.



We find another free online tool . It allows us to convert , too quickly , our voice in a text for later editing. You just have to click on ‘Start dictation ‘ and we started talking . In addition , you can export the text to DropBox , Google Drive or send it to your email.

online dictation


It is an application that supports Android and iPhone , and more than 100 million people already have it. Although is not a transcriber text , this application includes a voice recorder .You can record audio from your videos uploaded to any video platform and convert flexibly in text files. 

evernote android


What do you think of this applications? Remember the importance of transcribing your videos! If you have a website where you can upload your audiovisual content and you would like them to be found by Google, these are the necessary tools that will give you a hand. Do you know any other app to transcribe your audio or video to text? Do not hesitate to let us know in that case!

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