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Be it cruising along in your car or by foot, it is inevitable to cross paths with small groups of young people with their eyes superglued to the screens of their Smartphones. No one in verbal communication, no one looking to check the traffic, and all seemingly in search for the same thing. Almost overnight, this strange situation has converted into a normality. And though the outer circle may raise eyebrows towards these small herds of technology influenced zombies stalking the streets, there is no denying this phenomenon is changing the world.

Danny Caminal

Danny Caminal


The arrival of Pokemon Go is, undoubtedly, the raging success of the summer, of the year, and even, of the decade. It´s creator, John Hanke, is a great lover of maps and also a true visionary. Thus birthing the combination of the concepts of geolocation and video games, utilizing advantage on the current pull of augmented reality. And additionally, making dreams come true for kids from the 80s and 90s generation: To be Ash Kechum, i.e. Pokemon Hunter.




After its premiere some ventured to wave off the success of Pokemon Go as a phase, but the reality is that half the world lives and breathes this game. So it seems this phenomenon isn´t declining anytime soon. In fact, just the opposite. Proof of its success is annotated in 5 Guinness Records, already making this application in their first weeks in the market:

  • It is the mobile game game that has earned the most revenues in the first month of its release: $206 million.
  • It is the game with the most registered downloads in its first month of being available to the public: 139 million downloads.
  • It has been the most popular app on IOS and Android in more than 70 countries simultaneously.
  • It is the mobile game that generated the highest revenues simultaneously in several countries during the month of their release. In 55 of these countries, it was the best selling app in stores.
  • It has exceeded 100 million in net income in less than 20 days in the market.

Records aside, what Pokemon Go is generating is also what has not been seen in a long time. Starting with the bad news (although somewhat predictable knowing self-destructive human nature) with disturbing cases like: The fatal accident in Japan causal by a driver who played while driving, a collision between a Pokemon player and the police in the United States, the case of a Norwegian lawmaker who was caught playing Pokemon Go in the Parliament, that swarm the front pages of the media everyday.

But..not everything bears negativity. Following the launch of Pokemon Go, it has managed to surface the best outcomes in exploit of the wake of success piqued by the app. A good example of this would be the emergence of job positions to cover the needs of users, jobs that never existed until only a couple months ago. They are:

  • Pokemon Guides: Tourism experts, though above all business application users, who guide tourists (and locals) through places in the city where there is an influx of Pokemons, or even spots where the rare and more precious ones appear.
  • Pokemon Taxi Drivers: A motorized version of the above. Be it transporting via motorcycle or car, these avid taxi drivers are at your quick service to find the Pokemon you want.
  • Tutors: This option is directly part of the application, whose ´StarofService´offers available teachers to guide through the main features and tricks for beginners.


And, of course, travel agencies are taking well advantage of the Pokemon Go phenomenon by marketing related organized trips. For example, tours in Segway to effortlessly find the pocket monsters, boat trips to hunt water Pokemons, and safaris to ´hunt´in the most exotic places in the world.

There are so many new features, news and business opportunities related to this game that arise and increment daily…it would certainly come with a cost to ever see the end of this phenomenon.

Hopefully the tides will not turn for Pokemons to hunt us in return..

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