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Holy Facebook
Who is on Internet,
Blessed is your name
Make, to us, most friends come,
By your will,
On the timeline as on our wall.

Bless our daily post,
Forgive our errors,
As we forgive too
Show us before publishing
Do not let us sink into the SPAM
Protect us from Google +


All those who work with social networks always ask themselves the same questions … Why they do not make it? Why we cannot introduce this? And of these questions was born this post hoping that it reaches Mister Facebook:

• Firstly, it would be good that Facebook can give us the option to include the link of the information, ad, or article, etc. directly in the image to avoid that the link appears in the text, and fortunately it exists url reducers. We know perfectly that the image is the queen of social networks, that nobody reads the text of the publication, that we are as children reading a comic strip in which we are going to stop on a sticker which we like. In this case, why not to be able to introduce the link directly into the image and give it the leading part while reducing the text in small one synopsis which indicates us what waits us by clicking the image?

• Secondly, it’ necessary to admit that all we make errors, and Facebook first one, so why now everybody can know that we modified, edited or corrected a comment? If we decide this, it’s because we realized a modification to be made a possible error. Maybe somebody can explain me the interest that everybody knows that we modified our publication because I don’t see it.

• Thirdly, Mister Facebook, why it’s possible to schedule a “normal” publication and not an albums? It’s also images and text which we leave “unsettled” during some time, and which will be converted afterward in gallery of image.

• Fourthly it would be useful that Facebook can give us the possibility to “visualize” our comment to know if we have to summarize a little bit our text to avoid clicking on the famous “read more” and so, to avoid having to republish.

• Finally, to end with these recommendations, (hoping that they don’t close my account) Facebook really need of a images compressor which doesn’t deform colors and which doesn’t destroy the creativity which we prepare with so much love and which Facebook pixelates with so much disdain.

We hope to mot have to pray more, hoping that it arrives at mister Facebook’s ears who will make these changes which will be welcome by all the social networks community.

In a near future, we will “pray” Mr.Twitter and also the solitary brother but “very well positioned” Google +.

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