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If there is a social network that is successful with brands and combines higher levels of visibility with Internet, it is Twitter. The social network online of the little blue bird brings together millions of users that interact with the community. We need to recognize we love commenting on Twitter and whatever excuse is good, especially with a multitudinous event like Eurovision! Social media is not foreign to this television phenomenon that is celebrated every year, and in our article Eurovision 2017: analytical results through social media, we have counted all the data that is converted through social media in accordance with the social audience.

Spain: where twitting is more common about Eurovision

Even though the television audience has decreased over time (this edition has had an audience of 4,474,000 spectators and a screen installment of 28.6%), in Twitter Eurovision´s social audience has won the record.


Based on Kantar Media, Spain takes charge on the comments Eurovision refers to winning the past records on Saturday May 13th in Social Audience around 1,8 millions of tweets sent. Behind all the Eurovision comments there are 194.000 authors, messages generated 255 millions of impressions. That´s nothing!

The peak was made during the Spanish intervention unfortunately through our representative, Manel Navarro. During the course, 7,8 millions of tweets were created. It is logical, the artist Sabadell was the most mentioned in the night ahead of the representatives of Portugal and Italy, these ones are the best for victory according to the bookmakers.

To comment on the regalia, Jack Dorsey´s social media, knowing the importance of this event and the scope it produces, it has not delayed in creating 3 hashtags with their corresponding icons in the 2017 edition, as you can see in continuation:

Imagen 1

During the regalia, the hashtags mostly used are precisely #eurovision and #eurovisionrtve. The tone of the messages, information that´s obtained thanks to Kantar Media Instar Social´s tool, admiration (7,6%), critiques (6,1%), and smiles (3,6%). The 13th of May, more than half of the Trending Topic in Spain in Twitter are mentioned, as well as the Eurovision hashtags.

Google and Youtube: Two preferred for measurements for a social audience?

The rest of the brands have not delayed in winning visibility through Eurovision and have not delayed in making strategies. One of them is Google who risked one more year of predicting the winner of the 2017 edition. According to the search results that are generated, Google mentioned France would win, to receive a total of 266 searches. A prediction nothing close to the final results and gave victory to a unanimous country, for a moment it received 58.000 tweets by the minute.

On the other hand, a little bit closer to the bet, we find ourselves with the Youtube prediction. The video of the Italian representative, Francesco Gabbani has received more than 100 million through this social media, making history of the celebration before the festival. However, our Italian neighbors had to be content with classifying as 6th place.

Netflix could not let this visibility opportunity pass because suppose Eurovision is made for producing more. The brand knows how to target its public and it has done with this parody. If you have lost it, we have left you a detail of this spot with the show ´The Cable Girls´ with some representatives of Eurovision during the last couple of years. It does not have any waste!

We hope this article Eurovision 2017: result analysis through social media allows you to elaborate a strategy to win more visibility through social media. Ingredients? Or a little bit of ingenuity and creativity? Would you dare to?

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