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estrategia de marketing

To start an impact on the internet, its essential to have a call to action strategy that will define all our growth within the scope of online marketing. In any new project, whatever it may be, the main thing is to define the goal and build a strategy from it.

It is more common that it seems, that many of the online businesses that are born, have hardly a defined goal and the strategies have not even been through of. I recommend that you should start by creating a SWOT, Communication and Analysis Plan, know your Strengths and Weaknesses along with your Threats and Opportunities.

The day to day of an agency, is the entry of customers who normally do not know what they want to archive, much less how they want to archive and it is normal that these projects or far reach the profitability that could with a previous study.

Estrategia de Marketing

Therefore, and to prevent this from happening, we are going to see 5 essential keys on how to approach a Marketing strategy.

Online Marketing Strategies

One of the most important things in this sense is if we are going to mix the offline with the online world, in most cases it is usually yes, therefore we can see how to make these worlds work together and in symbiosis.

We will start with a series of basic objectives focusing on the online world: our website. How can we start to make a mark in the main search engines?

estrategia marketing online

Sell more

All e-commerce are born with the intention of selling as much as possible and we want to create conversions and transactions through our website.

For this type of web, you have many platforms that offer you all kinds of possibilities, but if what you are interested in is something professional, i recommend that you make your website with one of these platforms:

Prestashop, Woocomerce o Magento

Creating a clear, clean and fast website is the perfect recipe for a correct business operation. Study your product and investigate what is the best way to show it so that it looks attractive and desirable. Take great care of the photos and all the information about the company, plus you must pay attention to the User Experience or UX.

Therefore once we have uploaded the asset on the web, (attractive photos, clear and visible prices, careful description…) do not forget that users like to touch the products, but through the internet is complicated, so tell all about the product you want to sell me.

And of course you need to replace the Buy button in a large and clearly visible.

Get Customers

To have customers, the first thing we have to get is traffic to our website. Right now there are many types of traffic, which work and convert very well:

  1. Traffic through social networks like Facebook Ads and Instagram.
  2. Traffic through Google Adwords or CPC and Remarketing.
  3. Traffic through Refferal or Linkbuilding well created, if you are interested in this action consult the post about Linkbuilding.
  4. And the most important is SEO Traffic. Why is it the most important? because it is the user who is really interested in buying your product and has done the search with conscience.

For this i recommend that you take care and work your website at the SEO level, take care of your Titles, Meta-Descriptions, Headings, Internal Links, Keywords, the Robots and the Sitemap. If your website has original and relevant content, it will not take long to place you in very interesting positions.

As useful advice, investigate your competition, analyze what they have and improve it.

estrategia de marketing para conseguir clientes

User behavior

Know your customers.  Its important that you accept, that a user before making an online purchase, will consult many more pages and will think a lot about making the payment on your site.

At this point you must rely a lot on web analytics, which will give you a lot of information about how the user behaves within your website. It will show you the most visited pages, the average time of the session and, most importantly, the rebound percentage of each page and the vanishing points. Knowing the strengths of your site is vital, but knowing the weak points is more important. Work those points and you will see results.

estrategia marketing comportamiento usuario

 Improve the sale

Review and analyze the entire purchase process, since the user clicks on buy or place order until he is enjoying what he has purchased.

That is known as Funnel. Check that all steps to make the purchase work correctly and are simple, so that the user feel comfortable buying on your website. To be able to investigate all this you need that your Analytics has been well created all the steps of the purchase process and the improved e-commerce module.

Take care of phone service. One of the most important factors when making the purchase, is that the user feels well cared for and supported by the company, who feels that their product will arrive in perfect conditions.

estrategia de marketing para mejorar la conversión

Branding, Customer Service and Reputation

We could talk for hours on this point, and even write several books (which exist), but in this case we will summarize the most important factors, although it would be of great help if you investigate a little more about this topic if you want your brand to have an important impact.

Information and user loyalty metrics, good experience with your brand and loyal and cheap traffic.

At this point we are not interested in buying so much, but the user knows you and talks about you or with you. Why is this type of traffic cheap? because you can take advantage of social networks and make announcements with a very low cost. A good deal of advertising on Facebook and Instagram will help you socialize and connect with your customers and users. Its really important that  you always answer them, if you dont do this, you will not get anything done.

You can also use display ads which are also cheap.

The big brands take great care of this point and if they do it is for something, they already have traffic and sales, however they want to get more, they want to be wanted for what they are and represent.

estrategia de marketing reputación online


Think about what you want to achieve, work so that  your future clients trust your business and try to make them feel loved, because you cant exist without them.

If you dont have knowledge in Online Marketing rely on experts who will advise you in everything, to make your business shine.

Good luck in you adventure and we invite you to contact us for any questions.

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