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In a world that moves quickly through digital commerce it is hard to keep up with complicated challenges. eShow has surprised us with the latest news of e-commerce´s future. During March 23rd and 24th we observed Barcelona´s case where online businesses are bound every time, the artificial intelligence and their new technologies. All these points have been the principal key to the 30th edition of the eShow to make the possible impossible.

The event had special activities such as the Main Theather, the fair´s central place where the principal leaders of Internet business discussed about their debates. The biggest businesses from e-commerce are: Amazon, Provalla, Wallapop, E-dreams, Vibbo, Oracle, Royal Caribbean and much more.

According to El Pais, the e-commerce´s platform increased within the third tri-semester from last year with 29,2%, until 5.303 millions of euros. E-Commerce is the latest trend!

ecommerce-espana-eshow-2017-barcelona-tilo-motion E-Commerce in Spain

In Spain we do not fall behind with e-commerce evolution. Rafa Romero, director of Selligent sales, showed us sales with the businesses in Spain are:

• Air Transportation
• Travel agencies and tour operators
• Direct marketing

Also, what surprised us with a piece of information is really impressing: in the world there are more people with smartphones instead of a toothbrush

But…where does E-Commerce exactly go?

The Big Data (loads of information) Virtual Experience, Artificial Intelligence or the Drones with the motors E-Commerce is living, and they have been identified in the study “latest eCommerce trends”.

“In 2020 85% of the transactions will participate to be human”

big-data-eshow-barcelona-2017-tilo-motionThe red tape of Big Data has a lot to do with the new model of business and e-commerce.

According to the Institute of the Digital Economy from ESIC e-commerce´s future depends on:

Fast and Convenient: the client demands comfortable services, payments with only one click, personalized sales, immediate and compliant schedules. Everything is possible thanks to the advances in regards to paperwork with Big Data.

On the Go or Virtual Experience: Thanks to the virtual assistants that we use daily like Siri or Alexa, the consumer, begins to feel comfortable talking about the intelligent devices. This has increased the options of buying by voice, through the different platforms of the electronic commerce and outer spaces.

Another one of the representative presentations from eShow17 was with Nono Ruiz, CEO of Chicfy, who explained in their presentation the principal message that was supposed to be transmitted in the application, “girls want to enjoy shopping and selling clothes in a simple way”.

What will the future hold for E-commerce?

Artificial intelligence and virtual experience is generating important changes in the e-commerce sector and new technologies play a fundamental role.

In the eShow there were 60 speakers exclusively dedicated to the world of drones with the name DroneShow, what really called someone´s attention. In the fair they show drones obtaining an endless amount of uses, more than we could have imagined: industrial, technical, entertaining or certainty, between them. Sellers, buyers, experts and amateurs are reunited in the fair´s participation of the principal brands. The program consisted in reserved flight zones, congress, game show starts up and a space where the experts explain how to prepare and repair drones.

We can also confirm drones are a real tool for businesses in all the sectors. The biggest store in the world, Amazon, wants drones to land on the clients´ house to give them their online purchases. Their air system is Prime Air, with packages delivered in less than 30 minutes.

We will have to get used to drones flying through cities leaving packages in urban neighborhoods. Take note because the future of the pilot will be drones!


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