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Estudiante australiana en eShow

Have you ever experienced that moment when in front of your mirror while piecing together the last jigsaws of your image before taking a step out of the door, asking your suddenly still reflection:

´Am I really actually here right now?´


Being an (international) intern at a marketing company like in Tilo Motion certainly brings about moments of learning and opportunity for growth in your field or sector (that hopefully leads to a fulfilling career path), especially when you take that step beyond your comfort zone. And in this case, I can finally say so happily, the sector that I have always loved for an opportunity to create a career path in. After all, having spent all those years of late nights, stress-inducing deadlines and doubts to graduate a degree…


Apparently, it is not a step many would take. Hailing from a diverse multi-cultured Malaysia, and living abroad in Australia for the past seven years with travels in between for studies, events, work experiences and leisure in the United States, around Europe and Asia and more…it still astounds when it registers that I am now in another city, another state, another country and another continent at this point in time. And to add a cherry on top, gaining enriching international experience in my career interest.

Only a year ago on the other side of the world, I was mulling over why am I still stuck in a high-fashion retail job amidst other odd jobs to survive. Then a random encounter of an advertisement on Facebook, some research and connecting on social networks, an overseas phone interview while on my way from work by foot with The Intern Group (Madrid) and a few more months of extra jobs and paperwork after, I now find myself writing this at my desk in Tilo Motion with a horizontal view of Paseo de la Castellana in front of me.

Never have I thought any of these would be possible…
To be on an international internship after struggling to find a job in my field for the past two years since graduating in Melbourne Australia…and as follows the main point of this article, to have the chance to partake in conventions and social media involvements of relevance. Since this was my very first e-Commerce and Digital experience, it would only be fair to further divulge and share

Transforming digital companies

Held on the 21st and 22nd of September 2016 at the IFEMA Madrid, #eShowMAD16 made its mark in four primary social network sites which includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter (though noting its absence with Instagram was a little unfortunate). An eCommerce and Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference, it is also the biggest trade show in dedication to digital business in Spain and Latin America:

  • The main cities in tour include Madrid, Barcelona, Sao Paolo, Mexico D.F., and Bogota.
  • The fair in Madrid itself boasts about 100 exhibitors and 250 online sect0r expert speakers. 
  • the convention aims with sole focus towards the vital importance of e-marketing and providing digital solutions to create a more exponential effect on social online presence and networking businesses. Whatever and however the aims and goals of your business, it is at key of reaching a wider spectrum and going further beyond chartered limits.
  • And the most interesting key learning, it is in actual tiny tweaks that can impact a more positive difference and outcome of how you conduct or market your business and image online.


According to a RetailMeNot conducted study and cohesion of a few, it is shown that e-commerce will increase by over 13% over the next two years, and what´s more, a likelihood of Internet sales in Spain in 2016 to reach 12.81 billion Euros.

Hence, as aptly emphasized by Augustin Torres, CEO of eShow, whether companies have a digital presence or not, ¨…It is a reality that is already being experienced in Spain, Latin America and around the world. In addition to having a business offline or not, the presence and coherent digital strategy today is a prerequisite for business growth¨.

With an array of professional speakers and relevant companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, eBay, Hawkers, Uber, Iberia Express, BlaBlaCar, Red Refrigerator, Ulabox, Doctoralia, and more…it was undoubtedly a social media haven for the passionate. There were both brief and detailed coverage on different aspects of the digital spectrum. Which includes business opportunities in shared mobility, marketing one-on-one, Marketing advancement, online travel, fashion, eLogística challenges and so forth. These talks were also highly interactive with active participation from attendees, allowing further insight into existing controversial issues, industry trend currants and the intricacies of social marketing.

Essential Tools

The smallest step goes the distance

From the number of stand-out talks provided, a prime example was the dynamic Bruno Vázquez-Dodero, Founder and Director of Aula CM and SEO and Marketing Consultant, who focused on the importance of sharpening SEO skills in changing the course of your business´ online presence. Highlighting the competitiveness within the SEO market, key points to keep in mind include:


1. Keywords 2. Visibility 3. Traffic 4. Backlinks 5. Web Architecture

Mr. Vázquez-Dodero even proceeded to pull out a business venture from one of the attendees in the audience who markets the Thailand ointment product Tiger Balm. Showcasing the projected webpage, visual explanations and pointers were meted ranging from the pixel size of images to keywords and content strategies to incorporate or change, for more a successful and effective SEO marketing.

Other presented talks also touched upon other online sectors, such as content marketing, etc.

Next one, perhaps? Sí

As a beginner in this evolving industry, I highly recommend venturers of all levels´ active participation in expos and conventions such as these. No matter how much you already know, there is always another whole new world to learn. From this experience with eShow Madrid, I learned that not only do you garner tips to master your business and even personal social networks, you are also exposed to touch base with various apps and services to help provide you more information and guidance in expanding your relevant social media presence. Though I speak nil Japanese, I’m definitely making a point to head to the eCommerce EXPO 2017 Tokyo! (Or perhaps even the Berlin EXPO 2017?)

Time for some new basic language preps. Stat.

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