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Es sencillo crear un concurso en Facebook

Gamfication actions going well, and specially through social networks like Facebook, with a target of aware persons (and with a well developed API):


  • They amplify our community of followers, and allow persons not corresponding to the product or to the service (at the very least to the beginning) to get closer to this product or to this service and try to know it while keeping distance.
  • They generate #engagement and influencers
  • They produce a positive image, of closeness and “modern” particularly positive for business ” distant from 2.0″ by default …


In summary, it is about a shape of very positive advertising.

Nevertheless, to realize this kind of actions it’s important to know that it’s not simple technically, unless we turn to a ” pre-made ” solution of companies which offer the competition as a SAAS (as a service) and which, generally allow us to realize a ” campaign more ” with a mechanism identical like other hundred campaigns with which the users are fed up with it.


That’s why to have a fantastic, what are the essential technical resources to launch a competition on Facebook?

Technical factors to have to into account:

  • A server or at least a hosting: Competitions do not stop being Web-apps, and that is why it’s important to have a place to store files and data bases.


  • A digital certificate SSL: Facebook forces to realize connections via apps and games for a secured protocol (the famous https: //). Without him, apps would not work. It’s possible for a concrete domain (ex: or kind of ” wilcard “, valid to accept domains and reuse them (ex: *


  • To know how to program Web applications: in fact, we are creating a “program”, for which the fact of programming is essential. The most used and most wished languages are used to be PHP or Javascript.


  • To know the Feacebook API: It means to know how to interact against tools set which Facebook offers to developers. FB offers APIs for PHP, JScript and rubyde more IOS and Android for mobile apps which use standard components as the Login Facebook (but remind you that FB competitions or the games aren’t many on the mobile versions)


  • To have a developer account and to know how configure an app: it is purely “administrative” but like the Apple store, there are numerous peculiarities which it is necessary to know…Moreover, Facebook updates its policies frequently ;).


  • To know how to draw and to model Web contents: The fact that things are beautiful, usable, referees, etc. … Requires creative knowledge and a technical level to know how to handle HTML, CSS, JQuery …


  • To have a minimum of legal bottom: drawing lots and competitions are activities which have to respect some legal bases because in our country, it can exist another way, and the game is subjected to rules and we shall have to take into account themes as the awards IRPF, bailiffs, legal bases, etc. …

And when it’s made, drawn and scheduled, work doesn’t stop there. Indeed, competition is an alive entity which, as a forum or social profile, he must be looked after and maintained until the end of the competition:


  • The follow-up competition: The Community Manager has to make a “police” of the competition and stay up with the aim of the good development of this one: concerning bases, avoid “traps” and comments with illegal or disrespectful contents.

  • To inject some dynamism into the competition: via advertisements (FB ads or another things which is in keeping with the idea) and contents, we shall have to look for the participants potential of the action and make sensitive them (they will not come only)


  • To control “votes sellers”: A common action in  emerging countries where we can find “packages” of votes in apps or “likes” to win competitions. They get organized very well and accept payments PayPal. Competition must be prepared as good as possible for this kind of attacks controlling IP addresses either with playful methods (a lot of votes within X seconds for the same profile are “humanely” impossible).


To conclude, we can assert that it is about a complex task which requires professionals’ good team to complement itself as a positive ROI. You should not take it “easy” because it can be a vital catalyst element to impulse or create a solid on-line community. So let’s play?;)


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