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qué es la publicidad nativa

Users do not support traditional digital advertising. Misuse (and abuse) of banners, pop – ups or auto – play videos has been the main cause of the boom of the ad- blockers that are living in the end times. This type of ads also are more annoying in mobile phones. The growing use of this device is making in Spain 1 out of 4 users already have an app that blocks advertising.

This revolt of users has caused panic in the advertising industry and some affected people have already made ​​their own choices : ask users to disable any ad- blockers, create spaces for payment without advertising or vetoing access to those with those applications . Anyway , advertisers and users are condemned to understand. The first one live of income and the second, if they want to access information for free, must accept advertising . What can be the solution? One possibility is native advertising.

If that bothers users is the intrusion and consumption data without permission,it is already seeing that native advertising  is a good way to end it. According to IAB , this type of advertising is ” one that is integrated into the natural editorial content of the page or the functionality of the medium in which it is published, allowing the brand to be present in the publication of a more harmonized with the rest of advertising content to other systems. ” That is to say, an advertising mode is intended to be non-intrusive as it follows the line of what you are visiting, allows a good navigation, personalized and adds value.

Of course, not everything is so easy. The problem that arises with this advertising is that it should be transparent and make clear to the user that what you are seeing is a promoted content. The laws governing the field ( more information here ) ” say nothing about how to report , but emphasize clarity “. There can be no possible confusion, the user must know that what you are seeing is an advertisement. If you look, many appear content with the following tags: ad, AD, Marketed, Promoted by, Recommendation, Presented by, Suggested content, You can also likes this, Recommended for you, etc.

publicidad nativa ejemplo el mundo

Advertisement types

Although ‘ve seen one of them in the image above, there are many more that surely you did not know they were native :

1. Integrated into the editorial content Ad:

  • Content created jointly by the advertiser with the editorial team of the media and linking to another page within the site as any editorial.
  • Sponsored links integrated into the editorial content and directing to other pages. Examples: Facebook , Twitter, Instagram.
  • Integrated ad content, with the same editorial aspect of the page and allows the person to interact with it ( playing, reading, watching … ) without leaving the page.

2. Announcements searches: ads on Google or Bing.

3. Widgets recommendation: the ad or sponsored content is integrated into the page and have no semblance of editorial content, linking offsite with type expressions ” you may be interested “, ” we recommend you ” .

4. Promoted lists: format used on sites that do not have editorial space, just products or services. They are known like ” the 10 best villages of Spain ” , ” top 5 apps to run.” It is the most efficient format all .

5. Standard ads, integrated with native elements: positioned outside the publishing ads with relevant content area contextualized that link to external website of the brand.

6. Advertising as native. 

More interactions and higher CTR

In the recent study “The Future of Mobile Advertising is Native ” IHS Technology, in 2020 63.6 % of mobile advertising will be native and will generate income of 53,000 million dollars. This advertising format that grows exponentially every day, gets between 20 and 60 % more interactions that additional banners, provides ratios higher retention ( up to 3 times ), eCPMs higher ( up to 2 times more ) and higher CTRs .

Facebook  and Apple are jumping on the bandwagon

The benefits of native ads do not go unnoticed by anyone , much less for these two giants. Facebook will give more presence to this advertising on its platform Instant Articles ( open for all publishers from 12 April) and Apple will do in your news section Apple News.

Are you also immersed in native advertising ?

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