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This Sunday is celebrated in Peru (and in more than 30 countries) Mother’s Day. Companies have prepared in advance for this date because it is one of the most important of the year in terms of sales, but it is also one of the times in which very interesting creative campaigns are developed in order to excite customers.

There are some examples here:

1. Pandora:

Pandora hit the spot and showed so strong and real connection between mothers and children. More than one was touched to discover that, although the children could not see their mothers, using their other senses, they managed to identify them. This video went viral getting more than 18 million views.

2. Lan:

The video was uploaded to the fanpage of the brand and its channel on Youtube, getting into the first more than 41,000 copies and 3,000 shares, and over 22 thousand reproductions in the second. This spot also generated many conversations and brand mentions on social networks and even media.

3. Procter & Gamble:

This video tells the success story of real athletes. This success was possible with the perseverance and sacrifice of their mothers. This commercial cemented the image of the umbrella brand as a friendly and close.

4. Telefónica:

Telefonica made a good video that showed the unique number that we know by memory is the mom. They engaged the audience with a very successful claim: ” We keep many numbers in our cell, but only one in our hearts.”

As we see, these commercial touch the heartstrings of human feelings , they create an emotional connection with the user, seek to position themselves in the minds of consumers … and many of them succeed.

Several studies indicate that purchasing decisions are based more on emotions than on rational arguments. And neuromarketing, that discipline that is on everyone’s lips, says it clearly: we must study the behavior of consumers through their emotions and perceptions in order to choose the best marketing strategies that do get us to them and get them to buy our product.

Special dates are not the only days that you can connect emotionally with our customers. It’s ALWAYS THE TIME to do it. The important thing is knowing to tell a story, and it gets to “touch” to users.

Here I show you other examples of commercial -known brands that tell a story or excite consumers:

1. WestJet:

WestJet, the famous Canadian airline decided to ask what gift they would like for Christmas and then, as they enjoyed their flight, the airline team took care to make their wishes come true. The video was viral, had more than a billion impressions on Twitter, and even appeared in the local and international TV .

2. Cat Chow:

In a list of exciting videos, I could not miss a cat! Cat Chow in this commercial shows us some of the most common prejudices that we often hear cat owners. Personally I felt very identified, and I confess that when I saw this ad a few months ago (I saw it in social networks) I became a fan of the brand and ended up buying Cat Chow for Miko (my beautiful cat).

3. Quilmes:

There are two important elements: the passion for soccer and Argentine nationalism. This commercial was launched for the 2006 World Cup and was well received. It won the IAB award for best advertising campaign that year.

Every day more brands that appeal to human emotions to reach their consumers, but there are still many companies that do not implement it. They focus on the price, in constant promotions to generate massive (and even invasive ) advertising and forget something important: To sell we should thrill and consider that emotions are generated in the brain.

Finally, remember that not just to sell, you have to like consumers, try to connect with them to remember you and become your followers, be your brand, your “unconditional”. Rest assured that if they fall in love, they will be your best salespeople.

PD. The first and second Sunday of May is celebrated Mother’s Day in Spain and Peru, so I take the post to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day to all the #tilonita team! Thank you for the love (and for putting up ) !

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