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El video marketing y el olimpo de la viralidad

The #videomarketing is the use of video to promote a product or service and achieve certain objectives within the marketing strategy.

Okay… the theory is great but… When does a video pass from being a little “Oliver Twist” to become the media giant that everybody expects? There are several “technical” factors influencing this transformation: for example a target aimed to be as wide as possible, the video length not too long or too short… But what really makes a video to become VIRAL is its emotional component, ie, the “X Factor” that connects the video to people in some way or another.

A video that really connects with people, whether humor, social criticism, music, promotional… has that component, not essential but necessary, as we expect that most of the people who sees it to “feel” a little bit of that video, somehow internalize it and not just give it to know to all of his friends, but also sing it, dance it and admire it as this “X factor” makes it so unique and different from the rest.
The world of Video Marketing has evolved considerably in recent years, having new formats and needs, and especially a different environment which is much broader: Internet and Social Media.

Many changes in a short time, thanks to the Internet and social media, made that today is much faster to present, share and comment on a particular video. But having in our hands the tools to broadcast a video in an easier way that years ago, does not mean that the content viralice and connect as expected, as it is often the opposite, since there are a greater number of “competitors” that make the X factor determinative.

A TRUTH is that everyone loves to discover new things every day, mostly if these things have anything in common with our way of being or thinking, and if we are the first of our friends to discover them, much better.
Another TRUTH is that the video gives us the opportunity to convey values ​​and emotions like no other medium, combining images, with dialogue and music tailored to every moment. So that we can make a video of humor, action or criticism, and give greater strength thanks to the characters and the music used.
These two TRUTHS, when we add, “A video that transmits values ​​and emotions + Something new and different that connects with people”, are an infallible formula to get the desired virality.

However, achieving these two truths together is not an easy task. As the popular rime says, “Good things are slow in coming, because as easy as they come, easy they go…”, but when this happens the result is amazing, thousands or even millions of people championing an idea, a song, a brand, a product… You can say that at that time the Video Marketing has gone through its barrier, and that your video has entered into the Olympus of the viral.


And here is a selection of videos that have managed to get to “the Olympus”:

Pumpcast News – (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno)  with 18.323.778  visualizations



PSY – GANGNAM STYLE  with 1.740.667.330 de visualizations.




America’s Got Talent – “Zombie Skin”

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