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“Spain is what you want. Spain is what you need.” This is what a slogan recites about when using tourist brands as a way to promote Spain as a vacation destination.

Travelers depend on smartphone applications for travel purposes. According to Social Media Annual Study, in Spain 82% of the Spanish use social media. But, how does Spain sell itself on social media?




A public organism devoted to marketing, commercializing, and promoting Spain as a destination for vacation. The webpage makes it easy for tourists to plan trips and they have their offices in eight different geographic areas, in a way it is promoted internationally.

In their social media, this brand is present in all of social media, even though it falls on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram the most popular strategies for Social Media.

The web is the attention grabber based on its intuitive with simple organization, by taking a glance, we will find several interesting sections for users: activities, updated events, routes and a cultural agenda, in other sections. Also, it contains several widgets where different independent communities and other information guides. I just mentioned the social media icon allows quick access to this.

In Facebook, for example, there are already 1.741.954 fans. In Twitter, for example, the number is smaller but it counts with a despicable number of 269.247 followers, the next one in line is Instagram with 235.000 followers. On the other hand, Youtube, is a “set aside” social media with the diffusion of videos, it has a number of considerable shareholders: 12.419.

Turespaña focuses on promoting a cuisine through videos, advertising campaigns and appealing images with great quality in social media.

Real Recommendations


Recently, in the United States an article has been posted as a cover page for the Huffington Post, where 20 reasons were quoted to leave everything and travel to Spain. According to some travel recommendations from Minube, the web has decided to reach 120.000 “Me gusta” and is shared more than 18.000 times in Facebook, has reached hundreds of retweets and have published thousands of tweets.


We have found a popular page in the Internet. It is about a webpage where content is created by their own visitors, reviews are used with images after people visit specific places. This helps travelers plan their trip, it´s a way for the tourist to find out what he/she will see for the first time (and in occasions, without editing in Photoshop). Users find interesting places to visit, cuisine, leisure options and a long etcetera. At the same time, the web also includes other services. You can discover more than 180 countries and more than 15.000 cities all over the world. Be careful since it grabs your attention!

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-14 a las 14.41.03


A social media network consulting users at an inquiring time about destinations they have in mind. Due to this, travel agencies and official organisms take advantage of using content marketing, sharing links of the most visited places. Also, they publish attractive images and create a contest by invigorating a community. The goal is to have more followers and promote other brands in the tourism industry.

Looking for content in Spain´s provinces, Facebook´s webpage with more fans in Spain is Tourism in Madrid with more than 181.000 followers, then Malaga with 147.000 fans, and Seville with more than 95.000 fans. The last publications of these pages continue, they nourish the blog, with pictures of their users, their own content, culture, and cuisine.

3 imagenes


 In social media an image produces an immense amount of interactions for whatever type of content, since we process image 60.000 times faster than reading texts. Users flee every time from publicity, this is a perfect way to get closer to the public in a network (the millennials) and get more credibility by promoting tourism in Spain.

The Instagram account @spain has more than 150 million active users and 8.500 likes per second

Images transmit immediate emotions and are allied perfectly by creating wishes and stimulating an interest towards the public. In other words, more people will have the desire to know more about the topic, place, and service. One of the tourism accounts with several fans is @spain, they have 234.000 followers, always using the hashtag #visitspain in their publications, an account with more than 150 million active users and 8.500 likes per second.

The best strategy for business tourism for Instagram is by causing an “I want to be there” effect. It is clear: an image is worth a thousand words, right?

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-14 a las 14.17.21


Which are the most important specialized profiles in Twitter?

Twitter is a channel of information where tourism accounts perform an in-depth analysis sector, help control trends in a changing world where this is key, however, it requires effort. As we know, at the moment, shortness, and instant factors count with this social media. Also, a lot of profiles reinforce their content with other users, just like comments, RT they do, registered projects and pictures of other users.

For example, @CNTTravelerSpain is one of the related profiles with popular tourism places, since it counts on more than 53.000 followers.

Captura de pantalla 2017-06-14 a las 14.06.37

On the other hand, I have mentioned a person with great influence: @Paconadal is a reference for travelers and consumers. Besides being a race and author traveler for one of the blogs most read in the country, their interest abides in a journalist example born offline where he has adapted online with Social Media without shock.


When the time comes to promote, YouTube is a basic channel allowing users to show videos (videos must be short) especially interesting places when the time comes to plan a trip. The Spanish cuisine is another protagonist for creative content in this portal towards the millennial generation.

In this way, the profile we mentioned before, Spain, has the most shareholders in YouTube. The strategy is based off promoting different types of independent cities and communities in Spain through great quality videos and a lot of languages, including Spanish. At the same time, when it is about a special (national tapa day), a channel will promote intensively with a series of videos.

A video with more shows is a survey right at your door fulfilled in Italian with more than 53.000.


As we have commented before, millennials are the on top of the digital world. In fact, as we have seen, before going on a trip, they tend to inform themselves by reading reviews, blogs, and on the other hand, after that leave their opinion in social media apps. That´s why having a travel blog is very important and promoting tourism in Spain comes from diverse perspectives. Also, certain influence leads tourists to make these decisions.

In Easy Viajar we find various blogs of tourism in Spain. At the same time, reaching the network, we find blog influencers, whose log books have changed in reference, just like the Paco Nadal case, from El País.


Spanish tourism, far away from holding back, instead grows


Now, we have seen how tourism in Spain is promoted in different ways. According to a superior graphic, the latest trend in Spain´s tourism is increasing. Do you think it has to do with users spending more time on their phones interacting over social media?

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