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El transmedia storytelling, un mundo que crea universos

Content Marketing is king, it’s no longer a secret, is a fact. Produce and promote unidirectional information directly to the audience no longer makes sense, success now is to generate an emotional connection with the public through the media.
One of the practices that is gaining fame in recent times when it comes to generating that link with the public is the Transmedia Storytelling, “art of storytelling” as defined by many. But what is actually the Transmedia and why its success?

If we define it simply, the Transmedia storytelling is a way of telling stories across multiple media. Do not think it’s as much a story adapted  to different formats (a book that becomes film and then video game), the transmedia expansion shaft allows the plot to other media and languages, enriching the story of each one of them, according to his own characteristics. That is, each medium makes its own contribution to the plot and in turn creates new stories, the story expands, new universes are created.

And how we can benefit from it?

Undoubtedly, the main thing is that it enriches Content exponentially (and we have said that the Content is king) but also achieves one of the main objectives of online marketing within the user’s actions. In the transmedia audience becomes active, users begin to be protagonists in the work of creation stories, thus linking is enhanced with brands and achieves the expected and desired engagement.

Only if we think in different media and languages ​​available to us today, we can begin to imagine the number of opportunities that we can achieve: video, audio, photography, film, television, internet, video games, smartphones, applications, social media, social networking …
Many of the examples we have seen so far mainly belong to the world of fiction, series like The Wire, The Boat, or movies like Star Wars and The Matrix, have already given the reason that many more will Transmedia, even is an evolution of communication, not a fad. It is certainly a field still to explore and exploit, which requires more effort and work, but you get many benefits.

Do you have a story to tell?

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