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Did it already happened you to be in a shop trying or observing a product, and then, buying it on a website? Yes? Then you belong to the new group of consumer which is massively imperative in the current market: you are a “showroomer”.

Showrooming (observes a product offline and buys it online) is coming devices is going to revolutionize the market that we actually know . Smartphones, among other, allow us to be connected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Why does it have an impact on the market? Simply because the fact of being able to be connected has considerably changed our habits of purchase.

To enter physically in a shop, look at the products which interest you and to buy them then on Internet is a very common practice, but nowadays, we can also look for this same product information on Internet. You can inquire if this brand sells its product cheaper on Internet, if there are postal charges, competitor’s prices, etc. The fact is that more and more persons buy on Internet and inquire on the spot. So it’s a positive thing or a problem?

As it’s the case for all things in life, it depends. Indeed, it depends on your role in this “game. If you are a physical shop manager and you see your customers entering, trying, looking, inquiring, looking at their mobile and get out, for you the Showrooming is a real problem as far as your shop has begun to be a simple showroom. Even if you have a pleasant shop having a good taste decoration and good sellers, if you don’t know a minimum the online world, it’s almost lost.

Online businesses are the ones which consider Showrooming as an excellent opportunity, but a brand, or a person having only an online shop (without having of physical shop) should think about having a physical shop too.

According to a recent study of IBM IBM realized in more than 14 countries (which Spain), the majority of “Showroomers” realize their purchases in multi-channel businesses, it means that this businesses is having a physical and on-line shop. The purchase doesn ’t carry out in the same shop, but if you possess a multi-channel business, this can be a good point! Then, a thing at the same time basic but however extremely important would be to think about a strategy for the customer loyalty.

A recent study of IBM, “From transaction to the relation “, accentuate us certain points to be taken into account:

  • Almost 50 % of purchases on the Internet are preceded by Showrooming.
  • 25 % of Showroomers intended to buy in the physical shop but did not do it.
  • Products tending to Showrooming are luxury goods and electronics articles.
  • Even if we tend to think that  price is the unique factor which favors Showrooming, it’s not totally the case. Indeed, easiness and comfort purchase on Internet is also a principal factor (You can buy at anytime of the day and it’s delivered to you at home).
  • Spanish Showroomer profile is a man, between 26 and 34 years, with an average-high and active purchasing power on the social networks.
  • Showrooming is a global phenomenon, which impact is growing up in Asia and in Brazil. In China, there’s 24 % of Showroomers. In Spain, just like in the United States, in the United Kingdom or in Germany we are only 4 % (few consumers but with an important impact).

To succeed in bringing the customer to the shop and buy (That it is in the physical or online shop) still be the major challenge with which the store managers are nowadays confronted. The loyalty of the customer is always more “expensive”, but this study leaves us a little trail: customers wants above all a personalized experience by wanting that their preferences, tastes and themselves are known by the businesses.

The customer wants some CONNECTIONS.

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