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el reinvento de la rueda en marketing digital

When you have the great opportunity to attend an event or presentation about your work field, you feel the little desire to know, to learn new things, to see the advances that are being made, to admire the results that are being obtained, etc. These exhibition are also usually carried out by experienced professionals from bigger companies, and that means that expectations are even higher.

No, i will not say that these events are in the end a disappointment, but the truth is that they always leave me with a bittersweet taste. Those of us who work in digital marketing can not complain about a few professional event about our sector, and if you live in a city like Madrid, you can create a good calendar of events every month.

The fact is that fortunately i have been able to attend several of them on the recent years and i have to admit that many time you get a little tired of hearing the same of things that are supposedly new but have existed all your life.

I know that giving a conference talk is not a simple task, but as it was said in the last edition of Omexpo in Madrid “if there is a lot of noise, your goal is to make a different noise”. These are some of the mantras that are repeated in the talks and that i personally already screeched (and its not because they are unimportant, but because i think they are repeated over and over again):

1. Listen to your users/customers

It seems that until the digital world arrived, nobody had thought about the importance of customers, knowing who they are, what they need, when they need it and in what way. A business that has triumphed is because it has managed to do that it is not something that is new.

What has changed is that both companies and users can know one more of the other than before. It true that there is more competition (not only physical, now also in online mode) but there are more points of contact and that translates into more opportunities to create relationships. The more you know these clients, the more success opportunities you will have.

2. Influencers trending topic

Here i think we have been blinded by the idea that an influencer is the typical young guy who make videos or post in public relations sharing his life (does not work) and that as thousands or millions of young people follow him, because the brands pay.

Although i disagree with this image, the concept of influencer is simpler and has really existed throughout life: a person with the ability to prescribe something thank to the trust that has been gained before.

As far as we can see, this is not a trend, there have always been establish, the only thing now, thanks to the different digital channels, you have the possibility of getting many more followers than the mechanic-determiner of a town to which all the neighbors they consulted when they wanted to buy a car.

The use of a prescriber today is not an easy job, you should be very aware that what he represents is consistent with the values ​​and spirit of your company. Fortunately, not everything is reduced to the influencer of the million followers of Instagram or Youtube.

3. The offline seller has changed

The reality of physical stores is not the same as that of 10-15 years ago, we know that already. The competition with the online stores is fierce (sometimes even those of the same brand: more and more people look and try on offline clothes, and then buy online) but say that the current seller should work more with the customer to get it converted… not that.

Sellers have always had to be experts in their industry, public relations and business. It is true that some were successful insured because they had no competition and there was no other option for customers, but that is a few cases. The goal has always been to sell and build loyalty, just like now.

4. Create quality content

This topic does not generate for me something fake, most of the talks that speak about this are usually always the same, they stay on the surface, a lot of theory but little practice.

In many occasions what we want the attendees is to see examples, big, medium and small strategies from companies, see what possibilities there are, what they did, results, how they came to that decisions, etc. I am completely sure that in this way the audience is inspired more.

5. Measure and conquer

Here is what is pointed at the previous point. Its true that, although we are aware that we do not analyze everything we should, in most events the conferences leave you wanting more, they stay in the basics, in the sentences, and you should investigate more by looking at examples, practical cases.

These are some of the issues that i miss most. Do you have any? now the stone is on my roof, when im the one exposes i will not be able to fall into any of these traps.

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