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We have heard the following phrase “the most important thing is what is on the side”, but the statement depends on the context. Through profound and concise marketing, in the consumer´s mind, our product´s package is not only important, but it makes a decision in the moment of wanting or not wanting to buy.  

#Packaging: The product´s package makes a decision in the moment of wanting or not wanting to buy.

We look closely at the consumer goods container, the one that has a “cool” appearance, is the result of hours and hours from the designer study.

Basic Packaging Objectives

Here is a summary for basic packing objectives:

  • Principal Function: protecting the product.
  • Attraction: an attractive product on a shelf will cause the consumer to come closer, it will awaken them and motivate them to consume or try on the product. To generate attraction, detailed market studies try to capture potential consumer´s attention. These studies are centered in choosing design, color, texture and correct font for every product. The goal is making a garment fitting the size of the product.
  • Promotion: introduce information in regards to the product. This information helps sell the product because it allows potential clients to obtain necessary information for making a decision in purchasing a product. In most occasions, this information represents the first in contact product with the consumer, so we should be thorough in the selection if words.
  • Differentiation: We need to differentiate from the competition. Branding for every direct association in the consumer´s mind towards their products. How many times have you gone to a grocery store and have a mission to buy a certain product, however, you buy attractive looking product because your product is out of stock?

 Keeping all of this in mind, we see packing as an essential product when the time comes to have a strategic and effective plan.

Now, through all of this fundamental role of packing, it is important to invest in design, studies have to fit necessities well for each product, their premise, their benefits, we need to understand what the correct color will be for the consumer to invest it. This should all be proceeded in a package and the designer should spend in their products to overcome the 30.000 incentive battle when we suppress this, every time we go out in the street.

Things to keep in mind for a packing agreement

What should we keep in mind for our packing design to be suitable? The language used by designers is sentimental and nourishes archetype and incentives we are attacked with daily. An aspect of buying proceeds with the product at the same time, in other words, the appearance, loyalty, or the function. Emotion and reason are combined when it is time to out this in our stroller. A great designer will find a way to balance both factors, meaning when someone stops in front of a window display, they look at the product for what it truly is. This is key to become successful.

Some packaging examples

In all of the examples that exist, there are limited editions (nostalgia plays a huge role)




Packages chosen by their originality:  







Now you have seen intelligence in your product. Do not stop in designing a product because you think it is politically incorrect…dip in like our friends Merkel, Sarkozy, Putin, Obama and Berlusconi! This is absolutely clever, right?


With some scenarios like this, you are probably deciding if you buy a product or not.

Do you think content and continent are bound?

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