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Do you know which are the “celebrities” with more followers on Instragram? Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé. Surely you are not strange but what if I say that they are not the ones who have more engagement?

The technological video company Zefr has conducted an investigation to ascertain the level of engagement of the famous people on Instagram, so you can see which brands are investing its money. This is a current ranking of the 5 celebrities with greater engagement in the social network Instagram:

  • Selena Gomez 48,2M followers and 1.4M of engagement.

Example of brands that invest in the singer; Pantene, Adidas, Apple …

  • Kendall Jenner 39,4M followers and 1.3M of engagement.

Example of brands that invest in the model; Versase, TopShop, H & M …

  • Taylor Swift with 52,7M 1.2M followers and engagement.

Example of brands that invest in the singer; Covergirl, Diet Coke, Keds …

  • Kylie Jenner 40,3M followers and 1.1M of engagement.

Example of brands that invest in the model; Nip + Fab, TopShop, Nicole

  • Leo Messi with 27,0M of followers and 1.1M of engagement.

Example of brands that invest in the player; Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Pepsi …


How was the beginning of the boom of the marks on Instagram? Why Instagram is revolutionizing the world of fashion?

Mary Katrantzou, one of the best-known designers in the UK, last year launched its online store and innocently to her own personal account of Instagram uploaded a photo of one of her dresses, to show one of their own products. She did not expect the designer behind that innocent act, to have a high number of likes (3.498) and managed to sell that same day 3 dresses of 8.680 dollars. It was the beginning of a new form of advertising.


Fashion in the world of Instagram“. By the New York Times

Thanks to its filters, ease of use, speed and ability to inform, Instagram has passed, to be the perfect complement for much of the fashion industry.

“With Instagram you separate yourself from the physical attributes of the product and get closer to the marketing of engagement” said Phil González, founder of the community Instagramers, in an article published by SModa.

If we look for the hashtag on Instagram #fashion we find no less than 227.085.806 publications. If we turn to Spanish, the term #moda has more than 19 million publications.

In Spain we have noticed an increasingly activity this year, is the social network that has the highest growth, with 95 million active users.

Among American teenagers it is the most popular mobile social network (30%) ahead of Facebook (23%) and Twitter (27%).

We know that in July 2013 the  luxury brands were in Instagram 63% and today are 93%. They are active: 43% for more than one post a day and the average is 5.5 post weekly. The tool seems designed for the fashion environment, to the point that fashion does not exist if it is not in Instagram.

Burberry was one of the first brands to open a profile (already exceeds five million followers) Michael Kors followed it (exceeds six million), and Louis Vuitton among others (nearly eight million followers) is currently the account World fashion with more followers.


In recent years, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for companies of clothing, shoes and accessories. Following this step we would be in the wonderful world of fashion blogger, fashion influencers, the most popular hashtag within the fashion world …  but that’s a subject that would be for another post.


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