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El marketing digital de las marcas de moda

We know a lot about digital marketing and all the strategies that surround it, but does fashion digital marketing is different? Do you follow different guidelines to the rest of the marketing fields?

What is clear is that the fashion industry has completely changed its way of acting, both in the buying and selling of products, and in advertising and marketing with the digital age. Even more if we enter the world of social networks.

Social Media

The social media, as in the case of Instagram, are an open door to the world for fashion brands. A digital showcase through which not only show their products, but they own personality and they own values ​​of the brand.

Also, there are many brands that have been created in a unique and exclusively way through their promotion in social media. The clear example of Hawkers, who used the Facebook platform to make himself known. This brand of sunglasses has grown without stopping using only this platform.

A link between the brand and the target that Pompei also carried out. The well-known brand of sports shoes with their iconic colored soles are also the result of this digital marketing through social networks.

This leads to a double reef with a positive side, to create a direct and close link with the consumer, but also an overexposure to possible crisis of the brand’s reputation. Its a constant exposure to public opinion, in which consumers have abandoned their passive role to become continuous judges and opinion leaders.

Are the fashion influencers just another way of digital marketing?

Despite showing generally their lifestyle and even data, videos and images of their personal lives, these fashion influencers have reached the market becoming a method to reach the target audience in a more direct and reliable way.

El papel de los influencers de moda

In fact, many fashion companies have turned many of these influencers into ambassadors of their brand. We do not know the exact ROI (Return On Investment) generated by working with influencers in marketing campaigns, but more and more brands are betting to include them as dissemination of them.

The digital era has reform the world of advertising. The fashion world has come sweeping everything, eliminating all pre-established conceptions that had any fashion brand about the diffusion of brand and creating a relationship with the people completely different.

Do you know which are the top fashion brands on this digital marketing?

On Instagram Dior has been in the top during this 2017. The famous t-shirt with the inscription “We should be feminists” that was made by Maria Grazia Chiuri for her first collection for the maison (spring 2017) has resonated strongly in the Millennial generation through this social media.

Dior como marca top dentro de las redes sociales

The creative director of the brand has managed to create a product that, in addition to generating desire among its followers, brings an emotional connotation and brings a debate at a crucial moment of today regarding feminism. The active role of consumers is encouraged, making them protagonists of the campaign.

Hermes and Louis Vuitton succeed this brand, being another of those that had a major impact on social networks during this year. Its not just about increasing the number of followers of the brand’s profile. The media impact takes into account the number of comments and mentions, the people who access the profile and the number of visualizations of videos and images, among other things.

We dont know if the world of social media will become a bubble that eventually gonna explode. What we certainty have is that currently they do not stop growing and reinventing themselves, being one of the most active protagonists in the digital marketing of fashion brands.

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