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Have you ever lived a nostalgic sensation about a product or toy from your childhood? Emotions and feelings are sold and other peoples´ brands desire a “lost”, which is called nostalgia marketing . What is the point of this? Easy: generate engagement and connect the user.

What is Nostalgia Marketing?

Nostalgia Marketing was born in the Second World War and has come back to determined moments. But, what is nostalgia marketing really about? This phenomenon consists in reliving those memories in regards to a product (updating technological advances since we now have an aptitude) and a consumer. We see it in traditional advertising, in graphic design or in social media; whatever context is appropriate to get the consumers attention and brands offer this in their campaigns.

What is clear are brands do their homework well for example, they know when consumers are older, their likes increase in memories from the past. This data demonstrates: 53% of adults and 56% of adolescents use their childhood brands.

Nostalgia invades social media

Nothing is coincidence in the world of marketing, even though sometimes, there are some casual instances where experts take advantage of this situation. The record of 2011 began to use a hashtag TBT, known as ThrowbackThursday (setback). Even though we do not know who invented #TBT, according to Digital Trends through an Instagram research, we found @bobbysanders22 was the first user in doing so. The game arose as a commemoration of the past posting old pictures, Thursday became known as a ´nostalgic day´. This hashtag began to spread through Twitter, Instagram and brands began taking advantage of the weeks to capture users´ attention and gain visibility. But, these are not only brands! Influencers and famous people are part of this. The singer, Shakira took advantage of the hashtag TBT to celebrate the 10th anniversary from one of her CD´s, published in 2012

hashtag tbt shakira


Even with the use of this popular hashtag or not, there are social media brands who know their audience well and take advantage in planning a trip at the same time of their product, what generates a large number of interactions. Is demonstrating, these types of content, a digital community reacts in a positive form in regards to nostalgia feelings.

vwlover mk nostalgia

Examples of Nostalgic Marketing


If there is anyone who knows how to use nostalgic emotions, that would be Netflix. The brand moved from 80 years and with Xuxa announced their show StrangerThings:

In a similar way, Netflix used the presence of the Mexican actress, Itati Cantora to reminisce her presence as the character Soraya Montenegro in ´Maria la del barrio´ show from the 90s, which will be all over social media soon.

The mythical brand cacao from IdiliaFoods begins taking advantage of the ¨vintage¨ trend, as an homage in the first packages. A launch was made for devoted products and challenge lovers, Colacao last year launched a vintage collection with the original can and jar.



Pokemon Go

In 2016, there will be several things remembered in regards to summer videogames developing by Niantic in a video game world. Two ingredients were detonated through their success: the television show triumphed at the end of the 90´s and with millennials. They have grown with technology as a reality and brand Pokemon knew more about nostalgia marketing. In other words, this turned the popular show to an anime.


Moussel: Devoted to his origins

“There are some things that never changed”. We have probably heard this phrase more than once and it is not different from the reality. Without it, it should be said to the brand Moussel, who is more devoted to his origins (for more than one century). The success in this liquid soap is it is a nostalgia product (an aroma from your childhood), their announcement keeps on remembering about the past. If something works, why change it?

A new product, promoting a relaunching and overall, generate a connection with a young audience (and not so young): by planning a trip in the past for whatever reason, the past conquers us. What about you? What brand do you remember from your childhood?

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