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Who does not like to laugh? According to the report of the Spanish Society of Neurology, laughter lengthens life in four and a half years. And it is that laughing increases levels of endorphins, which are natural anesthetic of the body, and reduces stress hormones … . Almost anything.

What better way to captivate a potential user with a smile! Comedy is the method that works best when seeking the public’s response. Currently mood integrated in the advertising has very favorable results because companies have chosen advertising strategies based on the sense of humor.

However, nothing is easy, implement incorrectly humor can have its downside, damaging the brand image or business. Today we have many taboos in society and care must be taken to campaigns, not all it’s ok. Such as the announcement of the Veet brand, created by the group Havas Wordlwide USA, which as it was said ” Depilate or look like a man.” Care must be taken with the title of campaigns or it will be criticized in a few hours. I show you the ad, so you think in  your own conclusions.

For a good marketing action does not end up generating a crisis, here are some data that will eventually convince you that laughter is the best way to win the hearts of your potential customers.

I will list some favorable points for their use and experience. Advertisers should start to  lose their fear;

  1. The humorous advertising reaches the consumer, regardless of age or sex.
  2. Over 90 % of consumers prefer to watch funny ads.
  3. Laughter is a key ingredient, but does not depend on success. 
  4. Humor is an image of positive emotion
  5. Good use of humor in campaigns makes call more attention and remember more.
  6. The mood produces pleasure in the audience, creating sympathy for the product.
  7. Get more attention and even slogans incorporate into everyday life.
  8. In most cases, the client thinks that if something makes you laugh is because it must be good.

In short, humor in advertising is a mixture of elements that manage to draw attention of the receiver, providing more memory on the mark with the use of emotion.

One brand that has best fitted humor in their ads was undoubtedly Mixta, right? We all remember their funny ads  when we saw them on television.

Have you convinced about humorous advertising? Prepare your next marketing campaign with a smile on your face ! Your customer be grateful!

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