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Republica independiente de tilo motion

” Insight is a term used in Psychology  coming from English which can be explain as ” internal vision ” or more generally as ” perception”or” understanding “. it’s used to indicate the understanding of something (This term was introduced by the psychology Gestalt)

According to the insight the subject “gets”, “internalizes” or understands a revealed “truth”. It can arrive unhopped, following a deep work, symbolically either according to the use of diverse similar techniques. “

Source Wikipedia:

Insight represents truths on the way to act, to think and to feel people. Manage to awaken Insight which connects with these truths is the big challenge for advertising executive to undress this obvious fact which inspires a brand  and managed to connect with the people at an upper level.

The discovery of the Insight and to develop all our leading and communications strategy by basing itself on him, mean valuing the people not that as simple consumer of a point of seen purely economic and materialistic, but rather of a point of seen fundamental as people and human beings, to find the way which leads to their heart and not only the one who leads to the wallet.

To manage it, it’s essential to observe oneself, as brand, as product and as nobody, then “to reveal” us to the world, without barriers, to reach the real Insight with which to connect our brand and our consumers.

Generally, we have all a rather complex way of behaving in front of what we consume, because we don’t still say make what we are doing or what we say, we have fear, complexes which make us hide ourselves from us even and from others, and as human beings, we make decisions which are not still perfected, not taken on a whim, further to an emotion, guided by a memory, sensations, feelings so to speak, we buy finally also feelings and not only that products. And that’s why the secret of a brand at the time of connecting with his customers is not only in the product, but in how we perceive it, imagine it and interact with.

“People will forget what I said but will never forget how I made it feel “Maya Angelou

The Cirque du Soleil is the example to find how the powerful insight and how to work it. In this case, the team of the Cirque du Soleil studied all the characteristics of people which attend artistic events and cultural, and understood that all spectators do not look for forcing of wild animals, bearded women or clowns in a classic show.

So, they focalised on the big power of this insight “why content itself with a room of theatre or with a circus if we can have the whole world in the same scenario? “, and decided “to merge” the concept of the theatre and the more meaning or dramatic arts with the circus, the whole in one and the same space.

Today the Cirque du Soleil is an example of innovation in the world.

Cirque du soleil



Another big example of strategy based on insight was when IKEA decided to launch in Spain a campaign so brilliant like “Welcome to the Independent Republic of my house“.

Since the beginning the idea was to send a new message which would connect people, by going beyond the price or beyond a concrete product, what would be passed on would be a concept, a philosophy, the hidden truth which would come to light an insight.

For the launch of the campaign, IKEA realized a study of people and the lifestyle looked for in Spain, then arrived at the conclusion that a house was much more than a physical place, but a personal place where we pass of important moment of our life, where we live special moments, when we share experiences, and a place belonging to each of us, finally it’s our home. With this insight powerful IKEA launched a magnificent campaign which besides connecting directly people (consumers), obtained numerous awards of which that of the best campaign in the efficiency of the commercial communication of the Spanish Association of Advertisers in 2009.

In a world where we are daily bombarded by millions of campaigns and advertising actions, it is important that companies, order specialists in tendencies #TrendHunters, brand strategists and #inighters generally direct them communications up to the insight of the consumer, because the difference is there to generate this #engagement that we look for all and to create something brilliant. Companies as Apple, Google, Ikea, Adidas or Coca-Cola are doing it.

IKEA – Welcome to the Independent Republic of my House.



“Very few companies include the art to approach with intelligence and sensibility in the real underlying power beyond the hunaines feelings. The emotional branding brings a new credibility and a personality to the marks(brands) which can touch the human being of holisti way. The emotional branding bases itself on the trust in front of public, to manage to to bring up them to the world of the desires ” Marc Gobé.

My inspiration to write this comment came to me from the Cristina Quiñones‘s book which I knew recently, and which I recommend strongly as reading for any advertising agent or marketing executive ” Desnudando la Mente del Consunidor ” in Planeta.

Thank you Cristina!

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