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datos del black friday en Internet

This Friday is one of the most anticipated days: Black Friday. Thousands of people take the opportunity to anticipate Christmas gifts, renew their wardrobe or a simply indulge.

Well this means, publicizing the promotions and discounts of a business is a key point. Sure, during these days you’ve seen many banners, ads on social networks, Google… And no wonder, many people making market research and comparing prices before deciding on a product or another.

And all brands know it. In 2016, 81% of ecommerce added to this day, according to a study by the Spanish Association of Digital Economy (Adigital). And it´s normal! Sales during Black Friday in 2016 at Spain were around 1,417 million euros. It is estimated that this year, 9 out of 10 companies will join the famous black Friday.


Some curiosities

Although Black Friday is supposed to be only one day, it gets longer and longer. According to Adigital, 64.7% of the stores extend it several days, 25% also include this day on Saturday and Sunday. That is, only 10% make the promotion only on Friday itself.

The most desired products on this day are electronics. If we compare them with a normal week, their sales increase by 60%. Each person spends an average of 140 euros.

On the other hand, fashion always hit it hard and 1 in 3 buyers spent an average of 100 euros to renew their wardrobe.

And who are the ones who buy the most? Men spend up to 17.5% more than women. The age group that most invests are the biggest 45 years.

And if we talk about shopping we can not forget the giant Amazon. In 2016 the platform sold more than 94,000 items.


If you are going to add your business to Black Friday…

You still have time! Keep in mind that it is essential to bet on media that we already own, that is, web, social networks, app … Take the opportunity to design creative things and let your promotion know by this way.

Surely you have no doubt that online advertising is essential. But do you know which are the most used supports in 2016?

  • Email marketing (92.3%)
  • Social media– Paid media (84,6%)
  • Mobile display (71,8%)
  • Search marketing (59%)
  • Mobile apps (20%)
  • Vídeo marketing (17,9%)

If you want to boost your business, don´t put social media aside. In 2016, 3.8 million publications were made mentioning Black Friday, so do not miss your chance. And during these days, according to the Social Mention tool every 58 seconds on Twitter, the #BlackFriday hashtag is used.


Black Friday is also live on Google

Whenever we want to find the best promotions and discounts, we ask anyone before Google. Positioning yourself in these dates in the search engine is fundamental.

In the following chart we can see a comparison of the search trends throughout the year of the term “Black Friday” and “sales”. We can appreciate the peak that occurs at these dates of the year.


tendencias de búsqueda black friday

If we look for the term Black Friday on Google, it will show us more than 228 million results in just 0.39 seconds. Almost nothing! And the battle to position our products has not done anything more than start. But who has the number 1 in the search engine? Well, nothing more and nothing less than Amazon.

If you have not done anything yet, positioning yourself in organic searches is impossible. But, you can still opt for an SEM strategy, in fact the bids are not very high. Analyzing terms like “Black Friday” we see that the average CPC is 0.23 as well as “Black Friday Sales”. On the other side, if we want to segment a little more and we already include “Black Friday clothes” the CPC goes up to 0.27.

In the following graph you can see the evolution of bids and how they increase as the date approaches.

pujas de black friday

Now that you know how the Internet is going on, do not wait any longer and announce your promotions.

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