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El atractivo de la música publicitaria

How many times have you been hooked on an advertisement for its music? Or how many times you could not take your head out of a melody of a spot? Today, to reach people in the world of advertising is essential to choose the right music or melody as this election can completely change any campaign or spot. So, we must take into account the public that we go to and the message we want to launch.

Advertising music can be divided into two types:

  •  Preexisting or library; previously created by an artist
  • Original; It is created exclusively for a particular campaign or spot.

It should be noted that either are valid when campaigning. However, in these times it is not easy to reach the audience quickly. It is necessary to create a song or jingle so it will be more easily relate to the product or service that are advertised.

One of the most recent examples we have where music is an important part of the spot was the Christmas lottery 2014. In this case, clearly, the music has a fundamentally emotional role and the goal is to touch the heart of the viewer. Who did not cry watching the ad?

Who doesn’t know the song of the advertisement of ‘Conguitos’? This ad was in 1994 but  today the song is still remembered and every time we hear it we moved to our childrenhood and we feel like eating one of those conguitos.

And we can not stop talking about Coca Cola. This is a clear example where despite the years we continue remembering the music and the end of the spot “Always Coca-Cola“.

And who doesn’t sing and danced the song “Del pita pita del….

Finally, the announcement of Opticalia is a simple example of subtlety, elegance and a unique chords can make the announcement as intense as this.

We must take this points into account when choosing the music for an ad to be a successful:

  • Be clear about what we want to awaken emotions or feelings in public.
  • Create audiovisual memory and with this hearing the music automatically the audience will relate to the brand, product or service that are advertised.
  • Think carefully about the choice of song; whether to choose an existing song or create a new one (jingle) and relates exclusively to the spot.

Given all this information, it is clear that the choice of music when making an advertising campaign is one of the most important factors for success. In addition, we remember a brand for its music and that is very positive because the melodies is what we hold in our memory and can remain time, and time.


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