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We are tired of reading long articles about characteristics, flairs, and abilities that has a professional in Social Media, but it is certain it is not only about obligation, it depends on the attitude. Every brand requires a different attitude, well we need to analyze their public, public, and we need to know their essence.

It is not easy creating a successful recipe for Social Media, but we do have to keep in mind a series of qualities we will count for every letter of the alphabet, dinner guest (in this case users and consumers) will savor the authentic flavor of brands and get them to promote loyalty.

Do you really want to know the Social Media alphabet? Take note of this!


Do not have any doubts! If you are a brand just like an influencer, the most important thing is to show authenticity and not a pose. The audience sees it from far away! Meanwhile, be yourself and show passion in your posts.

B-Brand Voice (tone)

Having the accurate tone of voice is hard. A lot of the brands have chosen to adopt a “funny” style in their communications, be careful, because this does not work all the time. To avoid having this visible identity crises, you should always determine your brand´s tone of voice. Take note of some of your brand representatives and create a person; for example, how would you like the ambassador of your brand in daydream. Make sure to maintain yourself in that personality when the time comes to post content in different social media. 


To get coherence in all the movements your brand does, you should do the best in “getting your audience´s attention” with a tone of voice. The key is maintaining the same level of quality and quantity from content you are posting.


Rome was not built in one day. If you want to build a community, keep in mind Internet does not go to sleep (Social Media is open 24 hours a day). The content and conversions are constantly taking over the network. Make sure to dedicate time and effort when analyzing what you lost while you were disconnected.


Professionals are tired of using this term, but it is fundamental. If you are looking to create brand ambassadors instead of followers (quality instead of quantity), it is recommended communicating with them frequently. We all know in whatever relationship we are in, communication is key, right? So, don´t let your followers lose interest, get their attention! And do this with interesting content that will benefit them. Marketing content in a strategy of Inbound Marketing can be are best alliances.

F- Fun (diversion)

Keep yourself agile and at the same time, enjoy every minute of diverse social channels in your aptitude, especially with the people you connect with and the improvise trends.

G-Goals (objectives)

Establish specific objectives in different channels so you exactly know where your job is focused in. Gather weekly information and carry out your strategy creating content in statistics you have obtained.


If we have said humor is not always the best for your company and brand, give it a personality presence online. The key is avoiding “robot replies”. Keep in mind to use emojis only when needed (for a post or a fun comment), well you get more of your audience´s attention than if you had a serious tone,


It is not only a trend, it actually helps. Become closer with influencers who will help you promote your brand. Make sure your product is lined up your influencer´s audience. In other way, you run the risk by becoming more authentic. If this is happening to you, we can go back to letter A in this post 😉 

J- judgement  

It is something basic, but it is remembered. Have some kind of judgement when you post and produce engagement. There will always be hashtags with the latest trends, but this does not mean you should use one of them in the same content (or generate content for them) Unless you think in something creative that cannot get your audience scared. Make sure to stay away from trends not allied with your brand. 

K-Keywords (keyword searches)

Surprise, Surprise! Keywords is not only exclusive in the SEO. An audience will vary according to chosen channels of communication, that´s why we recommend doing an intensive search for key words. This will help create accurate content.



L-Listening (listen) 

We have already seen this here. Listen to your audience in every moment is fundamental in order to know their interests and get close to this to promote loyalty. There are many analytic tools helping monitor networks and conversions. Do it in a spontaneous and flexible manner. Your reward will be Brand awareness, when a consumer identifies, associates or remembers a brand or various aspects of it. 

M- Managing (control)

 Something all professionals are afraid of: control everything! Sometimes, Social Media is an authentic game of juggling: creating content, programming, monitoring, producing engagement to maintain an efficient way of working: Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or Mentions. Look up the most adequate one for your homework and organize yourself.

N- Market Niche 

Focus your brand on finding the objective. It is easier saying it than doing it, but one of the errors brands commit is not only knowing your audience, but not knowing how to specify. Just like Joe Pullizzi used to say: “Stop writing everything. Find your niche and then find a smaller niche.” 

O- Optimize  

A word is worth more than a thousand words, this is for sure. A text is interesting, but if the image does not have any relation with the text it will not have the same impact as an image with an adequate format (take note of image size in all of the social medias). Optimizing an image means putting in the effort and mentions the difference in relation to competition. Instead of sharing content from other brands, create your own content. You will see great engagement coming!


P- Plan

Only two words: calendar content. While you organize and plan content, it will be more about the time you will have to focus on engagement in real time.

Q- Quality/Quantity

“Users want to be the first ones updated; the brand should pay attention to the necessities to create content in a quick manner”

Quality is appreciated more than quantity. Betting for quality should survive when it comes to creating content, but if social media is characterized it is because of the proximity.  Users know and when it comes to events, they want to be the first ones updated. The brand should pay attention to its necessities to create content quickly, real-time marketing plays a role here.

R- Response

 If you have online presence, it will be the first place consumers’ turn to look for responses, complaints, or writing about their experiences. If your brand becomes well known in social media and you do not respond to your audience, your reputation online will be in danger. In fact, from a good to a bad reputation, there is only a step and a half; a crisis online wins a protagonist part. That is not what we want, right? Users do not like to feel ignored. Instead respond in the best way to give a good image.

S- Sharing

No, S does not contradict with O in our Social Media alphabet. Even though it is preferred to create content instead of sharing it with other accounts, you can also do this last. In fact, with out overdoing it, it is better to share produced content for other users (UGC), not only because it is a trend, but also because protagonist’s brands’ is another great way to

T- Trust

What will your brand do without trust? Generating trust with your consumers is basic, but how exactly do we do this? Offering quality and getting to know and getting your community interested. The product has to be unique and different from any type of competition. From then on, use your common sense to generate trust with your actions online and offline. It is better being direct and honest during the crisis instead of hiding it (this is a potential).

U- Ubiquity

“The key strategy should reach objectives established for your brand, not only in seeing it viral”

The ubiquity takes part in being present all the time. Your brand does not have to communicate in all of the social channels, well having presence in social media or another depends on the characteristics.

V- Viral

When it comes to posting, we all have the dream of making our content viral. The pressure of “becoming viral” should be present. The key strategy is accomplishing those objectives your brand has established. Also, in reality, a lot of the occasions we do not know go viral or don´t, in the end, we should not focus on going viral.

W- Work

Success does not come as a coincidence, you work for it. As we have already seen, searching, creating, planning, monitoring, analyzing responses and creating again. If Social Media has something positive is its analytical measurements and tools, which are free.


You Only Live Once. And no, this not only known as a song title. This saying makes an impact on social media, meaning you should not be afraid to risk things. Risk it and make it coherent and with joined content to the philosophy of your brand; this risk can make it viral, why not? Before everything, create a strategy and plan.

Z- Fervour

Let your passion go through your tone of voice (brand´s voice). Once you have established one and like the way you communicate in this way, nail it. Transmitting a positive state also makes an effect towards engagement. Encourage your audience during the best days or when Friday comes and do it with content related to your brand´s product. Be original and creative. But, be careful! Enemies of creativity are stalking by, do not let them overcome you!

We have finished with our Social Media dictionary. Do you know more terms with alphabet letters? If you have any suggestions, please help out! 

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