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Even though we associate drones with robots, not crewed by airplanes, from one way to another, they have been used during decades. In the first World War, for example, they were used guard the area, they were used to obtain photographs and follow the enemies´ movements. Now it´s called a drone, the sky is transforming into a digital process.

There is no need to think about the past to know how brands could only obtain impressive and expensive pilots and a photographer during a limited time, however by discovering the ceilings eye, this problem has decreased.

Social media has facilitated businesses to extend their marketing and increase their visibility. Now, we are seeing all businesses, marketing through social media, video content, branding, and SEO. But, what are the sectors that are mostly suffering?



With picture content from a drone there are several astonishing pictures of landscapes in the social media page. For a lot of the brands, hotel and trip agencies, this new advancement is the best. There is nothing better than reserving a potential visit! Now there are social media influencers to improve their content.


Drones have also opened up new possibilities in audiovisual production, even though there are more purposes of using them you never knew about

Events begin to count the number of drones they have. It is a great way to get the audience´s attention. I´m sure you remember Lady Gaga and her 300 drones in one of the monuments that stood out the most during the Super Bowl, right? Even though the world record for global air vehicles are flying simultaneously in the air, Intel takes 500 drones in the air at the same time.


In Russia and in Israel drones are in charge of delivering pizza. In China, the mail business SF Express sends small helicopters. United States, is a little behind with this new trend and will allow it in the next 5 years. The temporary law standardized the use of drones in Spain on the 4th of July in 2014. This new law is directed by drones with less than 150 kg, leaving a few conditions to be used.

A drone, between those that are found: recorded, watched and monitored, revised with infrastructures, and obtaining maps. Whichever previous infraction involves economic penalizations between 30.00 and 60.000 euros. If you are going to use a Drone, take care of it!

As I commented on my previous post, Amazon is creating a new form of delivery called Prime Air, allows products to be sent in half an hour.



Can you imagine a fashion show in the sky? The latest drone trend has come from Brazil, where an assembly line of clothes for men carried out flying mannequins. Camisaria Colombo used them to convert them in a sky to escape. From then on shops will fly their way to your office.

As an interesting fact, according to Business Insider, the number of civil and commercial airplanes that are bought now will increase to 20% in 2020.

With all these new uses of drones, we understand better the world revolves around technology and it affects our sectors, including content marketing. The most important is to being convinced to go beyond our comfort zone and trust the technological advances. I hope you have liked the drone article and the digital transformation in the sky.

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