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Social media had become one of another’s platforms to publish our projects but from the perspective of contents, there’s will be a good information and design to get more approachment to our customers.

The first thing we have to manage with creative design on social media is: be the big differences from our competitors, this would create more impressions. Now this days, the visual elements attract more attention on social media, so when we create a content, as a community manager, we should work hand-to-hand with a good designer.

Also, at the moment we start the design process we should always remind the follow up of original images and always think outside the box.


 Why this is so important?

Sometimes, the users from social networks would be multitasking while they search for information. The attention we take to some contents are really limited because we will always focus on images than texts.

Also, we always make more focus on images that would show more interesting visual content. In this way, some studies had shown that the images we pay more attention are the ones with products and real people.


 What we should pay more attention?

  • Profile design: Profile photo and cover pages may always show the real image of our brand. This is the first contact with the consumer. We should always make a good looking and high-quality image all the time. As a tip, use PNG format: this one will be heavier (would take a little bit longer to charge), but the quality will always remind the same.
  • Image design with your authority: For example, a positive quote. This one will show the emotions you want to represent or create ones with your corporative brand design. This type of content, usually, would go more viral.
  • GIF design: adding movement to an image would bring more attention to our target in the right way.


How to create good design to get more interaction?

The important thing here is to communicate a clear and visual message to get more attention from our users. This little guideline will help you to get clear steps for your designs:

  1. What we really want? always search more resources that would make the communicate in a graphic way with enough visual.
  2. Harmonize the image with the other elements: texts, shapes and typography. In social media the message may always be clear and concise.
  3. The combination of colors is fundamental, we should always remember the corporative color of our brand because this is the identity of our team. The brand maximum colors maybe 3 colors, no more. At the time we choose a chromatic pallet, check out the meaning of our pallet and what this evoke to our customers.
  4. The typography, an expert recommendation is to manage only 2 typos. Check if the selected style is a good one for the lecture.
  5. Never forget the innovation and originality in every new design we create.


For you, what is more important before starting a design in social media?

Comment your opinion!

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